Sustainability Is The Ideology Of A Cancer Cell

I build on the erudite observation from Edward Abbey, stating:

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.

Edward Abbey (1927-1989), Environmentalist

Sustainability was not on Edward’s or anyone’s radar when he passed thirty years ago. I build on and honor his legacy to explain how sustainability today, as the projection of infinite expansion, violates the nature of entropy to which our universe, our planet, and humanity are beholden. Nature’s entropy dictates the decline of available energy -an explicitly unsustainable state.

A New Religion Is Born

We, humans, fool ourselves by instituting finance programs that promote and develop humanity’s expansion with the ideology of cancer. We all should know that the accelerated replication of cells in the human body surpassing the speed of their ordinary renewal -untreated- leads to imminent death.

The easiest person to fool is yourself.

Richard Feynman (1918-1988), Nobel Prize Physicist

Indeed, the false premise of sustainability leads to humanity’s imminent death. Quite different from how it is projected and sold today.

Human Depravity

You must agree that this outcome, my friends, is not merely a semantic difference. The strength of renewal leading to our regenerative capacity ought not to be confounded with a religion of sustainability that is false and nonexistent anywhere in our universe.

Grave depravity of reason stems from confounding cause and consequence. Only the strength of renewal as a cause can lead to a proxy of sustainability worth pursuing as a consequence. We must not dabble in consequence but address the cause of human existence and longevity, built by the strength of our renewal to adapt to nature’s entropy.

False Reset

As I explain in my masterclass, the foundational principles and vectors of expansion between renewal and sustainability are fundamentally different and diametrical opposites. Hence the pursuit of sustainability by powerful institutions (like the U.N.) and governments proclaiming to enable the great reset of humanity is a grandiose false-positive that sets us back another hundred years.

Consider this my stern warning not to attempt to cure our self-inflicted cancer of sustainability with endless reset treatments of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Instead, we should preempt our disease of evolutionary ignorance by becoming responsible for the health of our truths.

Nature’s truth prevents us from getting into significant trouble.

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