Ask Yourself This Crucial Question About ESG

Why does a theory of financial arbitrage deciding on expanding human ingenuity and capacity not require scientific proof of its validity? This, while every other discovery affecting humanity, requires the rigor of scientific validation and peer review to be accepted.

The first-principles of renewal differ entirely from the “principles” of sustainability. It is terrifying when financiers without knowledge of evolutionary biology decide to grant themselves the expertise to determine what is sustainable. Proof they have no clue what they are talking about comes from the fact that nothing in the universe is sustainable and, at best, renewable.

Mind you, finance, not government, dictates how humanity evolves. Today, without requiring democratic approval, finance’s thesis and money flows decide along what axis humanity evolves.

And, in the words of Albert Einstein, when the theory of ESG that determines what can be discovered is flawed, then the discovery of human ingenuity and capacity is flawed. Devising a theory for humanity that depends on sustainability expands humanity in a direction incompatible with nature, as everything in nature revolves around the first-principles of renewal.

Financiers cannot improve ESG by peppering financial programs in asset management with more E, S, or G. More alignment with incompatible evolutionary principles will accelerate the incompatibility of humanity with nature. ESG must be replaced with a theory hinging on renewal instead. We must begin to implement nature’s theory, for humanity to align itself with the first-principles of nature that allow us to adapt as quickly as possible to nature’s entropy.

ESG is not the savior but a poison pill to human evolution. Every minute spent waddling in the make-believe of ESG is equal to two minutes preventing human adaptability. Every dollar spent on ESG takes at least two dollars out of the wallet of human excellence. And it is high time we stop evolutionary and unscientific nonsense in finance that kills, not strengthens, humanity.

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