Why You Too Will Read My Book

It gives me immense pleasure to talk with complete strangers about the book I am writing. Not because I am full of myself, but because I make people see the world, and the role of humans in it, differently and much more positively. I have been told on numerous occasions how I inspire people with a new kind of positivity, one sourced from the realism of a new normalization of truth. Nature’s truth, not mine.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

I yearn for intellectual connections, meetings of the mind, and sincerely enjoy the training, confrontation, and dialectic that helps me finetune the way I tell the story. Without fail, my in-person conversations have left people from all walks of life rattled, curious, and enamored.

Rattled because I explain how humanity’s foregone conclusions have been invalidated by nature for more than one hundred years, leaving them to wonder why they themselves did not think of that before. They are curious because I easily squash downstream inferences from the current state of humanity as the guide to fundamental improvement. Enamored because I have just tickled their brain, an important “aphrodisiac” for people usually engaged in mindless small talk. Many come back, hungry for more.

Now, I cannot promise the same in the less interactive short form of this blog article. But let me explain why you too will want to learn more.

Getting It Together

We humans do not have it together. We have no game plan for humanity we all have been told to ascribe to and abide by. A problem as irresponsible and ignorant as a business without a business plan. No surprise, considering how we keep rolling downhill from the aging normalization and scope of our 233-year old constitution.

Humans are the latest and shortest living major species on earth, with 98% of species ever roaming the earth having died off already. We are next if we are not careful.

Thankfully, humans are equipped with remarkable intelligence capable of anticipating how nature defines the excellence and longevity of any species, including humans. Yet, we make the fundamental mistake of behaving like endangered and lesser evolved great apes by solipsistically locking ourselves into ill-defined societal constructs designed to achieve dominance over the other, with manmade make-believe violating nature’s principles.

In my book, I will explain the first-principles of nature I discovered and describe how humanity’s operating system must function to realign ourselves with nature’s rule. We must release ourselves from the bronze age mentality that honed our intelligence.

Thanks to the discovery of one of our most erudite natural observers, Albert Einstein, we now know, by our best and proven approximation, everything in the universe revolves around relativity. And yet, one hundred years later none of the constructs we deploy to manage ourselves are systems of relativity, let alone deserve to be called systems to deliver the proper arbitrage to produce results in line with the expanding fractal of human ingenuity. And when the systems of human arbitrage are so fundamentally broken, so are the compass and systemic performance of humanity.

The Theory Determines what can be discovered

Albert Einstein

The rule of nature dictates the availability of energy is always decreasing, a phenomenon described succinctly by Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman as entropy. Hence, the systems humanity builds must, in the words of environmentalist Edward Abbey, instead of following the ideology of a cancer cell to produce growth for the sake of growth, be purpose-built to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

We must build a theory embedded in our systems designed to do more with less to survive the tests of time. We must establish the evolutionary compass to which our practices of policy, capital, and innovation contribute unequivocally.

Even the relatively “minor” problems we face in the U.S. today, like 15.8% of extreme poverty, with 25% of children on food support from the public school “system”, 70% of people obese, depressed, and chronically dependent on prescription drugs, signal how our current constructs fail to produce the evolutionary strengthening needed to adapt to nature’s entropy and keep the human species alive for as long as possible. Or how the supposed introspective reinvigoration by the purveyors of finance spawns new ill-formed asset allocation strategies, like ESG, PRI, etc. based on the premise of sustainability nonexistent anywhere in the universe, taking us further off-course than without. We are truly lost in the woods.

Worse, the compass deployed by manmade constructs incompatible with nature’s principles yields the systemically accelerated atrophy of humanity instead.

The problems humanity faces appear daunting when observed from the sheer volume of undesirable consequences that are easy to spot. And just because you can spot them too, does not mean you understand the causal constructs to avoid them.

The wonderful discovery I made is that they can all be avoided, not brushed over, by the implementation of a new theory for humanity, for the first time in sync with our best understanding of nature’s theory, producing a human operating system in tune with nature’s gameplay. New opportunities previously unavailable to a wider swath of people will appear, expanding the untapped fractal of human ingenuity towards improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Humanity must play by nature’s gameplay and rules, and unchain itself from manmade idiocracy that has held the development of the most ingenious primate back.

The Gist

In the book, I will describe the first-principles of nature I discovered and then explain how they should be implemented to change the compass and efficacy of the current constructs fundamentally. The implementation is as easy to achieve as changing soccer rules to make the game more attractive.

In the same way, the soccer federation will not ask every player what they think of the change, and I am not expecting everyone to understand and endorse change is paramount. If you can not see how nature is currently putting the smackdown on humanity on multiple fronts, I feel sorry for you. I am not responsible for the proximal development of other people, or the power positions they want to maintain that drags humanity further into an evolutionary incompatible abyss.

With my new theory and operating system for humanity, I am merely holding up nature’s mirror. Today, I am prepared to help the practices of policy, capital, and innovation running down the wrong track to change according to nature’s gameplay. But, of course, whether you want to partake and contribute to real change is dependent on your love and devotion to something bigger than yourself; the future of humanity.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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