The Musth Of Elon

I am a huge fan of Elon Musk, a person crazy enough to think he can change the world, and does. I feel that way about developing my new operating system for humanity, and many have called me crazy, shunned, and even boycotted me. Oh well, such is the life of an entrepreneur. A curse only if the normalization of that innovation is truly unprecedented.

Not Money

Like me, Elon does not do it for the money, and he almost went broke putting all his personal money to work. Even if I was broke, I would still be doing this. When you have a “woke mind”, it is simply impossible to see the mediocrity of foregone conclusions unfold before you, impacting the next generation and ultimately the longevity of the human species on earth. I cannot be a coconspirator in that plot. In the words of Horace Mann, I would be too ashamed to die.

If you haven’t done anything for humanity, you should be ashamed to die.

Horace Mann (1796-1859)

It is a blessing to know better and a curse to have to convince many disciples that the manmade religions they abide by and no longer question are utterly false. A lot of tenacity is needed to stay on tack, as everybody wants to both rub off on you for the waves you create and make you stop because you are not paying their foregone conclusions homage.

I so resonate when Elon Musk, in the infamous pot-smoking interview with Joe Rogan, says, you do not want to be me. And like Elon Musk, I cannot turn “it,” the drive to improve our world systemically off either. You also do not want to be me.

Combat Stagnation

In my case, I cannot stand to hear people talk about governing when they have no clue why, what, or how they should govern. Or asset managers describe themselves as risk managers while systemically confounding risk and distribution leading to grave depravity of reason as the guide to deflating the expansion of human ingenuity using a model of the past. Or witness venture capitalists en masse collude on risk fundamentally incompatible with finding outliers, dumbing down the innovation they attract and promote to an ever-larger chain of greater-fools.

Every construct of policy, capital, and innovation we deploy and sell to the world as the next best thing since sliced bread fails to meet a humanitarian compass that improves human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Read that again, and let it sink in.

We have deployed constructs fundamentally, not incidentally, incompatible with nature. Humanity, in remarkable solipsism, has deployed the wrong vector for humanity, incompatible with the way nature evolves. A conflict that is ours to lose.


For Elon Musk the opportunity to align products with a higher normalization of nature’s truth produced amidst blood, sweat and tears his standout success with Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company and other companies he will start. For me, a new normalization of nature’s truth made me reinvent the operating-system for humanity, setting out a new agenda to which the disciplines of policy, capital, and innovation must abide.

It would not be unfair to state my divorce is a consequence of my long-drawn and undying devotion to developing such a new operating system. It is no easy feat. My refusal to hastily jump into another marriage is too. It takes a strong and determined woman not to be threatened by a man’s devotion to a cause more important than her safety and consumerism alone.

I see Elon Musk choking up for the same reasons I do.

Money Merit

As a society, we assign a lot of merit to someone who makes a lot of money, regardless of how they made it. Before Elon made serious money, people hardly paid attention to him, even though the ideas behind Tesla and SpaceX were already being formed. You are a nobody in this country until you make money.

Only after you plowed yourself through a herd of naysayers and manage to produce multimillion or billion-dollar scale, the scale flips, and you are suddenly regarded as the expert on everything. I learned that in the early stages of building startups ultimately leading to $100M exits. Your newfound admirers suddenly listening to your advice on everything. And that is where I must address the musth of Elon rubbing off on journalists, spreading Elon’s more outlandish opinions like wildfire.


Going to Mars to discover what multi-planetary life for humans could look like is a great incentive to expand our discovery of the universe. Its multistage approach responsible for America’s more active role in the international space station program to begin with, dramatically enhances our ability to look at the world differently.

Living on Mars, however, is a dumb idea. Can you imagine what the accelerated consequences of our flawed constructs would be in an inescapable bubble we would have to live in? We would really all have to get along. Elon is perhaps best suited to evaluate the technical viability of getting there, he has no clue about the humanitarian or even evolutionary consequences of living there.


Artificial Intelligence turns robots into men and men into robots.

I cannot imagine why you would want to accelerate the extinction of humanity, accelerated by technology companies that cannot even keep the cloud up and running. And no, computers, even when part of our brain, will never achieve the evolutionary adaptation to its surroundings, let alone improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.


Elon Musk frequently toys with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin and yet a cryptocurrency has no real intrinsic value, except for acting like a religion, pretending to be more true as a result of gaining more believers.

The new religions of humanity have moved from theologies to economic idiocracy.

Cryptocurrencies are not economies that aim to instill the trust needed to separate merit from those who have none. Trust, in a society dependent on merit, cannot be evenly distributed, as trust, in that case, is meaningless. Cryptocurrencies are just modern-day religions of make-believe.


Elon Musk often described money as just a record in a database. Not quite, as the intent of money is to serve as an “I owe you” for products or services rendered. So, in a world where collective trust in the pursuit of money is needed to improve our world for the better, money is trust in merit.

You buy a Tesla, beyond owning a car reinvented from the ground up, because you trust it will reduce the human footprint and poison our planet less. Much more important than increasing Tesla’s record in a database.

So, despite my huge admiration for Elon Musk on the product front, he is a rookie on why and how to build operating systems for humanity that expand the fractal of humanity to continually adapt to nature’s entropy.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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