Nature To Humanity: “Not One Iota Of My Self Worth Is Dependent On Your Acceptance Of Me.”

I love this quote uttered by Quincy Jones in his documentary “Quincy.”

And if nature could speak, it would utter these words to the many people on this planet who believe what they and their offspring want in life can be achieved by anything but human needs as predetermined by nature.

Nature controls us, not humanity controlling nature.

I pose the question here again; so why do none of the constructs of policy, capital, and innovation subscribe to (our best understanding) of the thesis of nature and instead blatantly violate some of the principles we discovered over one-hundred years ago?

Ponder why a financial system eleven times the size of production in the USA subscribes to programs like ESG based on sustainability, while sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe. Ponder why a democracy coagulating human wants does not comport with human needs as stipulated by nature. Ponder why innovation that does not improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy yields the atrophy of human renewal instead.

Think again.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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