ESG Is Irresponsible Investing. In Need Of Replacement, Not Improvement

To understand why sustainable investment strategies like ESG are wrong, you must understand nature. There is no need to become a deep scientist. All you need to do is watch some Richard Feynman lectures on Youtube and connect the dots.

So, to formulate and execute a more responsible investment strategy, you go here and enjoy my three-day lecture about nature’s first principles we all should have been taught in school. As part of my advisory, we devise an allocation and investment strategy tailored to your needs in adherence to nature’s principles.

As I have repeatedly reiterated, most so-called responsible investment strategies today hinge on sustainability. A phenomenon of the absolutism of existence that does not exist anywhere in the universe let alone on our pale blue dot—the reason why those strategies are, in actuality, quite irresponsible. Greenwashing is inherent in all sustainable investment strategies.

Nature’s entropy forces us to do more with less energy availability over time. Hence, we need renewable investment strategies to -for the first time- align with nature’s first principles and genuinely serve humanity. Renewable strategies adhere to fundamentally different first-principles than the make-believe of sustainability.

ESG is the ultimate in human solipsism. Rooted in the belief that humanity defines the principles by which nature behaves. The opposite is true. Nature determines how we evolve. And nature evolves based on renewal, not sustainability. And then some.

For financial programs to serve humanity best, they must -for the first time- begin to adhere to nature’s first-principles, those principles used as the foundation of a new human theory and then implemented as a system that uses a selection of input to produce the desired output. A process we lay out in our masterclass and tailor to your specific investment allocation criteria during our advisory.

In simple terms, sustainability programs falsely project flat-world absolutisms where round-world relativity is required. Sustainability programs are misleading, falling at least one crucial alpha-generating dimension short of reality.

We cannot afford to have the fractal expansion of human ingenuity put in the hands of arbitrage incompatible with nature. The time to realize how the world really works is now, and the consistency of nature’s alpha will embrace you with open arms.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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