Equality, Of Any Kind, Does Not Exist

Politically correct rhetoric in today’s society suggests we should all seek equality. I cannot imagine more grave evolutionary nonsense.

Even hard-hitting and much-criticized clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, in an interview with Joe Rogan, does not seem to want to touch the popular viewpoint that while equality of output cannot be achieved, surely equality of input must be achievable. We should all have access to the same opportunities in life, which is the erudite suggestion that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy.

Not so fast, says evolution.

We are all different, as we can all observe by our physical features. We can instantly recognize others because everyone looks different, and then, upon closer inspection, everyone behaves differently. So, to suggest two people with vastly different characteristics and unique life experiences derived from those differences would perform identically is a dangerous presumption.

The evolution of any species is predicated on the value of differences, not on the importance of commonalities. The survival of the fittest, read most adaptable, in a world of declining availability of energy, called entropy, is precisely correlated to the unique sampling of the minute part of our DNA -susceptible to slight environmental change- that is different, not derived from the overwhelming amount that is the same. In the same way, planets made mainly of the same elements are different because of how those elements were initially mixed. Our unique adaptability and strengthening to combat nature’s entropy define how long our bloodline evolves.

In a manmade marketplace, the same applies. When the theory of a system driving the efficacy of the marketplace defines the rules of gameplay, the precise composition and discriminate input are crucial in achieving the quality of desired output. Put differently, a combustion engine designed to produce torque from gasoline will not produce the same torque when it is suddenly fed hydrogen. Only the discriminate selection of input to the theory can have the predictability of output. Every molecule matters.

In simple terms, the foolery we humans deploy is to assume you can throw any mix of fuel in the engine and expect the car to drive. To stop fooling ourselves, we must adhere to the first principles of nature if we want humanity to live as best and long as humanly possible.

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