Nature Rules

As the Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman declared, our universe is subject to entropy’s irreversible impact, causing energy availability to always decrease. Entropy is the main driver of all evolutionary change, requiring every living creature over-time to be more efficient, to do more with less, or perish.

The availability of energy is always decreasing.

— RICHARD FEYNMAN (1918-1988)

The discovery of nature’s entropy as the irrefutable and irreversible instigator of evolution is the reason why we, humans, must think different about how to build the operating-systems for humanity.

Nature, not humanity, defines the course, excellence, and longevity of human evolution. And thus, it behooves humanity to best understand and adhere to nature’s gameplay to live as long as humanly possible. Our current constructs of policy, capital, and innovation, sold to the world as the best thing since sliced bread, violate the most rudimentary first-principles of nature and expand the fractal of human ingenuity in a different direction from what is required to meet nature’s entropy.

Today, infatuated with the unquestionable “excellence” of the foregone conclusions we have become accustomed to, we evolve in a direction fundamentally incompatible with nature, with the consistent denial of nature’s first-principles yielding an anthropogenic cascade of devolution. In unfettered solipsism, we call ourselves the smartest animal ever-lived. Yet, with the dumb manmade constructs ignorant to nature, we are bound to become the shortest-lived.

To become a resilient and renewable species, we must align with the single overarching goal for humanity; to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Because when the endeavors we deploy in policy, capital, and innovation do not meet that objective, the conflicts with nature will compound, and humanity’s future will be short-lived.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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