Diversity Is Not A Cause

I see it everywhere these days, diversity stipulated as the newfound causation of human excellence. We ought not let fools run our world.

A Fact Of Life

Diversity, of any kind, is a fact of life, necessary for any species to evolve. Evolutionary, the value of meaningful differences produces the best and continual adaptation to nature’s entropy, prolonging any species’ life and excellence.

Despite many of us, humans, mimicking others and building steadily defaulting constructs of common interests, the value of our commonalities is highly overrated, and its stampede leads into an evolutionary dead-end street. Dare to be different is a statement we should take extremely seriously. Only our differences can expand the fractal of human ingenuity to make the future better than our past.

One Species

All humans living today belong to the same species, with skin color as an unsubstantiated measure of our ability to adapt. Today, 45% of people globally are yellow, 20% white, 20% brown, and 15% black-skinned people. We are all descendants from Africa, where our common forefathers were black. As paleontologists jokingly like to point out, the only real difference between us now is the boat we arrived on.

The dangerous mistake humans make is one that makes the most intelligent species on earth behave outright stupid and cascade in devolution. We confound consequence and cause, as we do in so many other areas, as pointed out by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), leading to grave depravity of reason.

Nature Rules

You see, the merit of human excellence is not defined by humans, as our solipsism would like to suggest. Our merit is defined by nature. Nature establishes the first-principles to which we are all subjugated, using our ability to adapt to nature’s entropy as its sole measure of merit.

We must play nature’s game, not conjure up a human game of meaningless intra-species competition, in which our differences in skin color, intelligence, wealth, etc., are mere consequences from evolutionary merit at their cause. We survived as the only bipod creature on earth because of our unique ability to collaborate and reason over our differences. Crucial survival skills we now engrossed in aggravating segregation throw overboard.

Cause Over Consequence

To focus on diversity is to turn a blind eye to evolutionary merit. Evolutionary merit as nature’s causation upon which the survival of the human species is measured, yielding diversity as a consequence. And by the asymmetry of entropy, consequence not inferring causation. Meaning, (manufactured) diversity will not lead to evolutionary merit, as previously pointed out.

So, next time you see a diversity fund or initiative, turn a blind eye, for they are created by evolutionary depraved people, ignorant to nature’s truth, who cannot distinguish between cause and consequence, leading to disastrous outcomes for humanity—the opposite to what they proclaim to induce.

Diversity is a natural consequence of evolutionary merit, the pursuit of evolutionary merit we have yet to deploy with a vengeance.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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