The Asymmetry Of Deception

To tell lies, you do not need smarts. To discover them, you do. That is the asymmetry of deception spreading humanity’s lies so much faster and farther than nature’s truths, damaging the renewable excellence of humanity.

Read Out With The Lies, How Is Freedom Working For You?, and Boulevard of Broken Ideologies to fully understand the devastating impact of manmade fabrications in violation of nature’s first-principles.

Deus Ex Machina

Lies stem from the inability to think or the concerted effort not to think or not to question foregone conclusions. The lies sold to greater-fools inferring the opposite lie in the shadow of manmade truths that are not absolute. Read up on Learn To Think to understand how lies are created and evolve.

Some 2,000 years, the religious have made themselves, via scripture, believe Jesus walked on water, while we know now, with an improved understanding of nature, the surface pressure of the water would not allow that. We tell our kids to paint the sky blue in school, while the sky has no color and merely reflects a color of what is in front or behind it. We tell ourselves the excellence of humanity is defined by our coagulating wants, while in actuality, nature, not humanity, lays down the rules to dictate our needs.

The grandiosity of manmade deception, spawned by the concoctions of 100 billion neurons, 17 billion cognitive in our cerebral cortex, is far-reaching and debilitating, imploding humanity’s fractal at a higher rate than its possible expansion. And the fractal of human expansion is sorely needed to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. In short, therefore, a lie of any kind is poison to the survival of the human species.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

To stave off lies, humanity must traverse the infinitely revealing rules of nature’s truth. And despite the self-aggrandizing intelligence of humans, we are way behind in exploring how nature, not humanity, determines the outcome of human evolution. Let me give you one critical example.

One hundred years ago, Einstein discovered everything in the universe revolves around the theory of general relativity. And yet, one hundred years later, none of the systems designed to expand the fractal of humanity, in our manmade fabrications of policy, capital, or innovation, support nature’s relativity. The arbitrage of the systems we deploy today is fundamentally incompatible with the assets, humanity, applied to them.

By definition, relativity means nothing in the universe is totalitarian or absolute, disclaiming the validity of any manmade thesis inferring such. Sustainability, as the basis for the “rejuvenated” awareness of finance many large investment firms now hitch their wagons on, violates nature’s theory of relativity, and thus deploys yet another manmade concoction of arbitrage incompatible with the required expansion of human ingenuity and capacity.

What could possibly go wrong?

E Spiritu Sancti

Hate the game, not the players.

A conspiracy theorist is a lazy thinker who divides the world into good people and bad people, directly attaching the discovery of a lie to its provocateur, a bad person. As if most lies are created and promulgated by people with unchangeable nefarious intent.

In the examples I mentioned above, that would mean a religious person is by definition bad. A child painting the sky blue is bad. Or a person in government whistling evolutionary dixie is bad. How about any of these people being wrong rather than bad? There is a difference, you know.

While bad cannot be excluded as a classification of any of these people, most simply do not realize what foregone conclusions of unthinking they have been imprinted or aligned with. Generations of make-believe maintain the long-standing vestibules of expired truths that give people much-needed comfort. Thinking for yourself creates the opposite, discomfort.

So, I prefer to separate people by their ability to think. One cannot convince a fool he is, as it would require the proximal comprehension not to make him one.

A liar responsible for regurgitating deception, in most cases, is a person correlating their stance to an expired perception or wrong normalization of nature’s truth.


The only way to fight off and eradicate deception is to build systems that subjugate manmade truths to nature’s truths, which in turn requires the conversion of leaderless leaders into real leaders, normalizing their truths to nature’s truth.

If, as a species, we want to have a fighting chance to outlive a bee with less than one-thousands the number of neurons, already outliving us by 16,000 times, we must begin to use the cream of the crop of human intelligence to curb manmade lies and improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

How we, humans, feel about ourselves is irrelevant to nature. Nature does not adapt to humanity, but humanity must adapt to nature. The rules of nature, humans, in a state of remarkable solipsism, often do their best to ignore.

I reveal the first-principles of nature in my masterclass. We can then build societies of dynamic plurality systemically squashing the finite nature of over-promising and under-delivering lies and deception to improve human renewal quality consistently.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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