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A couple of years back, I announced I was writing a book. A process that was repeatedly interrupted for reasons outside of my direct control I will not divulge here. I even sold pre-copies sight-unseen to avid readers of my blog, a commitment I will honor with what I think will be an even better book.


You see, my mind has not been sitting still, despite the limitations induced by the coronavirus that prevented me from talking up and participating in roadshows, private business meetings, and public speaking engagements of how our systems of policy, capital, and innovation must change to systemically improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

The benefit of time is you have the ability to think before you act, and in my case to elevate the thesis of the book from innovation to capital to policy to the grandfather of them all, the theory of humanity.


In the words of Goethe:

The man who acts never has any conscience; no one has any conscience but the man who thinks. 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Humanity must act with more conscience towards the rule of nature before its acts in blatant disregard of it. Precisely the point of my upcoming book. We owe the current and the next generation better answers to how we develop humanity’s systems to improve human excellence and longevity systemically.


Here is a short intro to the book:

Nature is always changing. Thankfully, such change happens in a, for us humans, surprisingly predictable fashion. For the human species to live as long as possible, we must adapt to nature’s well-honed first-principles, proven over at least 13.72 billion years.

Nature rules us; we do not rule nature. Put differently, when nature deploys the proverbial gameplay of soccer, humanity must simply adhere to the theory of soccer to survive and thrive.

During my long-standing career in innovation as a critical entrepreneur, CEO, venture capital investor, and board member, I discovered and wrote extensively about how the popular manmade practices of innovation, capital, and policy violate the most rudimentary principles of nature. And what, I increasingly asked myself, is the enduring value to humanity when the innovation we build, the capital we invest, and the policy we deploy do not fundamentally improve humanity’s regenerative excellence?

Humanity today plays a proverbial game of baseball when nature keeps holding us accountable to the theory, objectives, and rules of the game of soccer. The compounding yellow and red card infractions of our current gameplay are incompatible with nature, causing an accelerated anthropogenic cascade. A precarious situation, considering Homo Sapiens is, so far, the shortest-living of all major species. We have yet to prove how to use human intelligence to our evolutionary advantage.

The plethora of daunting foregone manmade conclusions, from a young age, schooled to us like unquestionable religions, laced in manufactured consent spanning the world, falsely portraying to promote humanity’s excellence and longevity, in actuality narrows the human purview, limits the expansion of human ingenuity, and kills the regenerative excellence of humanity. Courtesy of our outdated compliance to stale and stubborn manmade make-believe designed to one-up each other, we have all been living an evolutionary lie, stuck in compounding gravitas.

Gleaned from new observations of nature, this book takes a fresh look at nature’s first-principles, leans on the retroactive affirmation by the outliers of science, and offers vital new methods to improve the future of humanity fundamentally. Be forewarned, this book takes humanity’s most precious foregone conclusions to the cleaners, and as its discovery did me, should make you wonder what you have been doing all of your life. Be prepared to think.

In Albert Einstein’s words, we must reinvent the human theory that determines what can be discovered. I do so in this book, demonstrating why and how humanity must begin to adhere to nature’s first-principles to deploy a theory as close to nature’s unfolding truth as possible. Human gameplay —for the first time— as an ever-evolving derivative of nature’s gameplay.


Enjoy the reflections of me as pictured by the included image, outside of the fractal of ill-formed human bubbles in need of popping. With my upcoming book, I hope to pull you into the realm of conscience humans, unafraid to reinvent our world anew.

This book will be my life’s work, and if I do a good job of conveying nature’s truth to which we all must abide, it will affect your life as much as mine.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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