Without Adhering To Nature’s First-Principles, No President Will Do Good For Humanity

I care less about politics. Simply because nature does not care either.

Only nature, not humanity, truly defines the regenerative excellence and future of humanity, with the excellence and future of humanity defined by nature driving the compass of policy. A relatively small part of the U.S. population cares about politics, watching its windshield-wiper circus unfold on television with a bag of popcorn in hand unaware of how the changes imposed affect their lives.

The United States succeeds not because but despite the role of today’s governance. And yet, it should not be that way. Through smart policy, we can improve the systems that determine what can be discovered, in Albert Einstein’s words.

Hello Democracy

The voter turnout for the 2020 presidential elections was exceptionally high this time, with 62% of eligible voters casting a ballot. We have had levels as low as 30% in the past, with the house and senate performing even more poorly. This all correlated to eligible voters falling about 80 million people short of the census, with the census -door-to-door visits to count inhabitants- falling desperately short of who really oils the economic engine in this country.

In a close race, that means a little over 31% of the eligible voting population agree with the new President’s stance, and 69% disagree or abstain. Mull that over in your head, considering other democracies in the world do much better in shaping the consensus needed to govern.

As veteran journalist Eric Black for MinnPost points out “I’d like to see more humility in the usual invocations of the United States as the leader of democracy in the world until we consistently generate voter participation numbers that don’t undermine that claim.”

To Govern Or Not To

Despite the media hoopla around elections drawing in many advertisement eyeballs, the people’s cognitive dissonance of government in the United States is like that of Belgium’s tiny country.

A country that did much better when they did not have a federal government for an unbelievable 541 days than when a new government was finally appointed. Or the enclave of Northern Ireland doing just fine without federal governance for 581 days. No wonder the Irish are so cheerful. Who needs the Eurozone? Could it be that the government has yet to prove its preordained merit where the rubber meets the road?

Indeed, all governments worldwide get it wrong today. They think humanity’s wishes, coagulated in a best-thing-since-sliced-bread democracy, will somehow improve our dynamic equilibrium with nature upon which we depend for survival. A false inference from consequence to cause invalidated by the asymmetry of nature’s entropy.

Biden In

You hear it even when Biden speaks, looking for more unity rather than adhering to nature’s truth that determines our survival, in which unity is a mere consequence, not a cause. Humanity must begin to obey a new normalization of nature’s truth upstream, not another concoction of human make-believe downstream.

Even with a shiny new President, taken from his policy statements, we remain a country that does not abide by nature’s first-principles, has not implemented our best proxy of those principles in the operating-systems for humanity, and has not deployed paradoxical rules to freedom needed to produce the only thing that matters to the survival of the human species; the regenerative adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Like so:

Despite being a better advocate of the human spirit than his predecessor, a new President, with a more pleasant demeanor that will make everyone feel warm inside, will not fundamentally improve the outcome of The United States, The World, or humanity.

Unless he realizes what we all must, that humanity must play nature’s game, or humanity will cause its own accellerated demise, an anthropogenic cascade.

Realism Is The Cause Of Optimism As Its Consequence

As a proximal realist, I urge you not to be enamored by the proverbial wedding ceremony that just took place but look at the prospects of a successful marriage. Don’t get your hopes up by a leadership change merely relinquishing the old you do not want. Real leadership relies on a new normalization of truth to reinvent our world anew—a new normalization of nature’s truth, that to wit, remains beyond the realm of Joe Biden.

No fundamental change will come from downstream sub-optimizations of an existing truth. Only a President who realizes we must finally adhere to nature’s gameplay can implement a theory for humanity ready to consistently improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

I welcome Joe to our masterclass to learn about nature’s first-principles, fundamentally improving the cause, not endlessly and aimlessly sub optimizing humanity’s undesirable consequences.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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