We Can Change

There is a lot of turmoil around elections, the presidency, the coronavirus, climate change, and the state of the economy. Each can be tackled by assessing the problem and finding a solution to the undesirable outcomes. Once we do, we soldier on until we encounter another issue and find another solution. We have been doing this in The United States for some 240 years, hanging on to the Constitution’s scripture to curb doubters.

As a result, we now have legislation so complicated and convoluted that a printout fills up the rotunda in the Capitol building in D.C. We can change by adding more legislation to correct new undesirable outcomes derived from previous legislation. Or, we can change by realizing the truth upon which the legislation is based has expired and no longer represents today’s realities.

Freedom For Example

As I have often reiterated here, many of our foundational precepts, defined constitutionally or otherwise accepted as the norm, are flawed or false. The highest-order one, freedom, referred to as liberty in the Constitution, is a clear example of a bad concept.

First, freedom is left undefined in the Constitution. So, why are we surprised that some 400 million people in the United States dance to their tune of freedom? Each of them fights in intertwining vile-maxims of selfish interests to buy back the freedoms our flawed constructs have taken away from them.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.


Second, freedom cannot exist without paradoxical rules required to secure the trust in freedom from which we can all benefit. Today, we have the most oligarchically controlled indoctrination of humans on the planet due to not having defined what freedom is, why we need freedom, and how freedom is maintained to serve everyone. I refer you to the late and great George Carlin, explaining that in a way only he can.

All of us in The United States are hopelessly enslaved by feeble and non-renewable constructs pretending to promote freedom, fooling ourselves and the world “successfully.”

Freedom Matters

Freedom is vital to the development of the human species, for freedom encourages people to think differently, expanding the fractal of human ingenuity.

Hence, how we define freedom is crucial to the development and evolution of the human species. The expected beneficial outcomes from freedom must be preceded by the protection of collective freedom paired with the pursuit of individual freedoms, neither tarnishing the other in serving the collective evolutionary interests of the human species.

Freedom is merely one precept poorly defined and executed. Most of our supposed systems in policy, capital, and innovation are not systems at all and therefore do not produce the expected results all of humanity benefits from. To bring that point home, everything in the universe revolves around a theory of relativity, yet none of the manmade “systems” designed to manage ourselves are systems of relativity. Meaning the manmade theories of policy, capital, and innovation stuck in expiring dogmas of absolutism that determine what humanity can discover fall at least two dimensions short of human capacity.

The theory determines what can be discovered

Albert Einstein

When a manmade theory does not comport with the innate asset to which it is applied, the outcome will yield infinite regression, by definition. The endless regression we currently see plays out right before our eyes.

Real Change

So, the solution for real change is to upgrade our manmade truths to a better and higher-order proxy of nature’s truth. Humanity must realize and relativize our importance on our planet and adhere to nature’s principles to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. The diligent pursuit of that essential objective determining the human species’ excellence and longevity must become the highest normalization of change we hitch the human wagon.

We owe the world, observing our foolery with close attention, the kind of leadership that inspires the world with new humanitarian excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves. And in doing so, earn back the respect of the world.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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