Money Is A Valuation Not A Value Of Humanity

We, humans, ascribe a lot of pre-ordained merit to money. So much so that the amount of respect and free hall-passes issued is directly correlated to how much money people have.


You must be a genius, is what they think. Even though I could have just robbed a societal bank when the doors had been left open at night, scammed greater-fools into a bitcoin scheme, or derived money from a publicly opaque pump-and-dump venture capital scheme. None of which produce any residual value to humanity. Worse, they all extract trust from the merit of money.

In a society that purports to be the freest in the world, the popular slang term “fuck-you-money” contradicts such assertion of freedom and is frequently used to describe how to finally free yourself from societal dogmas, allowing you to bend the societal rules in your favor.


Money, as I have explained before, is merely the exchange of trust for products or services rendered. So, what if money is exchanged for products or services that cannot be trusted, or add no value to improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy? Inherently, that means the trust in money is eroded not by the lack of products or services exchanged but by the valuation of those products or services not living up to humanitarian value.

My point is that money is not a cause but a consequence of trust, a derivative—a valuation not unlike the price of a share on the stock exchange. Not necessarily inferring value humanity cares about, just a vehicle people like to trade. Like postage stamps in the olden days, except more broadly accepted.


Take this pyramid scheme of confounding of cause and consequence one step further and you can see how an economy measuring itself based on GDP is like measuring the expanding fractal of human ingenuity based on the S&P 500. Or measuring the quality of a soccer game by the number of goals scored.

Money exchanged for products or services not improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy induces a vile-maxim circus and subtracts from humanity’s collective interests causing an accelerated anthropogenic cascade to boot. The problem, of course, is not the players in the circus. Hate the game, not the players.


The problem is we have never set a theory for humanity that rewards those who improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy with the money they deserve. For humanity has never had a plan of what we are on this planet to do. Until now.

All we need to do is to assign money to evolutionary merit (only), using nature’s first-principles as our guide.

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