At CNN, Reporters Are The News

Today, I was appalled to witness how many articles on CNN’s mobile website included reporters regurgitating their opinion on the news, complemented by other highly skewed hearsay. Not that Fox News is any better. Both networks do not earn the proclamation of a reputable news source. We sincerely miss Ted Turner, who created the organization to combat precisely the mediocrity CNN has now turned into.

The lineup displayed in the above collage contains no fewer than ten articles published today around 6 am, not covering the news as it happens. Instead, reporters give their cheap regurgitations about what they think happened (see my prior analysis of the Press) members. The he-said-she-said reminds me of kids telling on each other why the candy has magically disappeared. The Press should rightfully be scrutinized and called to the mat, as Barack Obama did so poignantly at one of those Whitehouse Press dinners.

The impact on a generally innocent population watching this garbage accelerates the groupthink so destructive to a country looking to expand its fractal of ingenuity and capacity to fight nature’s entropy. Once again, the theory of the systems we build determines what can be discovered, and the theory of the Press does not comport with the theory of humanity not being told what to think but how to think.

When we allow special dispositions to the Press subsequently packaging that unique access and privilege into mind-numbing regurgitations of its own opinions, we must be reminded of the words of highly respected Guillermo Cano Isaza, the editor of El Espectador, a Colombian newspaper, murdered by Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel in 1986. Never shall the reporter become the news, he rightfully said.

Like any form of freedom must be curtailed by paradoxical rules, the freedom of the Press must equally be curtailed by stringent rules of journalistic integrity, long thrown out the window to serve tabloid-style revenue streams.

Once again, CNN has become smut entertainment television, unworthy of a country in need of getting its act together.

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