What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Nothing In The Universe But Finance Revolves Around Sustainability?

According to the publication responsible investor, The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is in favor of considering the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) as an “underlying anchor” for the ESG standard-setting process. To the uninitiated, sustainability will be regarded as the foundation of finance in Europe. Oh boy.

Never mind a sharp commissioner at the SEC issuing warning shots to the bow of ESG. Never mind my arguments.

Never Mind Science

I have harped that nothing in our universe is sustainable, as the greats of science like Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein have inferred.

Sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron, a statement that led me to be excluded from a prominent conference on finance in which the moderator refused to hear counter-arguments to the stampede of human idiocracy in blatant disregard to nature’s first-principles.

In the study of nature, in Feynman’s words, science differs from finance by demanding proof of a thesis and allowing peers to question its premise. Finance has failed to prove that its investible assets revolve around sustainability (falling multiple dimensions short of tracing human expansion). It will not have its thesis challenged by peers (as evidenced above). Those two criteria turn any supposition into a religion, with its disciples numbed in submission.

The Thesis Determines

So, when the thesis determines what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein, is flawed and an inaccurate reflection of the evolution of everything in our universe, what can be discovered will, again, fall multiple dimensions short of what is possible.

With these ill-conceived and unchallengeable suppositions of sustainability, humanity is held hostage by another thesis of finance incompatible with nature—the fractal of human ingenuity and expansion castrated by a mind-numbing ignorance of nature’s first-principles.

Nature Rules

Nature determines the excellence and longevity of the human species. And humanity’s single purpose in life is to improve human adaptability to nature’s unstoppable entropy with all its might. We must play nature’s game and not invent our own.

New dining-room etiquettes for finance, with the old cunningly resold as new, will not improve humanity’s fractal expansion to meet the many forms of nature’s entropy (climate change, aging, disease) head-on. Humanity must change the causal theory of finance to comport with nature’s evaluation of us. Anything else is selling the expansion of society short.

A lot has and will continue to go wrong when we do not challenge a finance theory as thoroughly as a theory of science.

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