Lying Leaders

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

One of the signs of a vibrant society is authentic leadership guiding the evolution of humanity’s macro by allowing its people to execute freely on rubber-meets-the-road micro. Each stays in their lane, comprehending and complementing their vital contribution to the length of a renewable society.

Hate The Game, Not The Players

The all-too-frequent interference of government in promoting the execution of desired micro is the equivalent of FIFA governing members putting on a jersey and actively participating in a game of soccer and on the fly moving the goalposts to influence the desired outcome.

The reason for this interference is not some evil-spirited overreach by the people in government; they, too, generally have morals merely rooting for beneficial outcomes.

Having interacted with members of Congress on The Hill and state senators, I reject the broad-stroke conspiracy theories spouted at the government the public itself has put in office. If anything, witnessed by when I questioned them on the foundational principle of freedom, you can blame the government for not knowing how and what to govern, a topic I covered quite a few times before.

Yes, as I explained previously, people vying to enter the government in a power position should be held to a more stringent litmus test. In the same way, driving on a public road requires you first to pass a driving test. Today, populism drives government ballotage, which is not a good idea when the general population is disproportionately ill-informed about the role of the government.


Governing is serious business, not a beauty pageant. It requires people who understand the long of humanity without losing sight of short. Rapidly expiring surface-level beauty after “inauguration” soon exposing hard-earned integrity, I suggest you do not take the winner of the beauty pageant home to meet your mother.

Why are we surprised peanut growers, actors, community organizers, and real estate moguls we elect as Presidents or Senators do not have the chops to build a multigenerational thesis, in the words of Albert Einstein, that determines what can be discovered?

Can we expect these people to understand how everything in our universe evolving around general relativity cannot be traced and supported by endless constructs of oligarchic absolutism, rebels without a cause, falling at least two dimensions short of reality?

Can we expect these people to understand nothing in our universe is sustainable, as they fervently support the sustainable investment strategies promising the expanding fractal of humanity, blatantly ignoring the warnings of an intelligent commissioner at the SEC and mine?

Can we expect these people to understand the nation-state “Bible” they cling to, the United States Constitution, will not provide the unprecedented foresight we need to break free from the debilitating regurgitation of expired hindsight?

A society without a well-understood humanitarian thesis is like a business without a business plan. Expect the CEO of that company to make excuses about unmet expectations while the employees blame the CEO for the lack of direction, each painting the kettle black into oblivion.

Who Is Lying?

All of us are “lying” to some degree, as no absolutism of understanding can trace the dynamic relativity of nature’s truth. There are no absolute truths; there are only absolute lies (save for a later twist).

As I explain in Learn To Think, the infinite elasticity of nature’s truth can only be traced by an ever-evolving proxy of human understanding.

Therefore, the rat race of humanity ought not to chase money but chase the best comprehension of nature’s truth, rewarded handsomely with money. Money is the consequence, not the cause of merit, as a closer proxy to nature’s truth will dramatically improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy and prolong the life of the human species.

Like the CEO of a company making excuses for lack of expected outcomes without a well-founded preestablished thesis, many leaders on each side of the political aisle have conjured up great lies and presuppositions misleading the American people.


Ronald Reagan proclaimed the supremacy of the American people comes from living in free societies without establishing a universal definition and implementation of freedom. Ignoring comfortably, no freedom can exist without paradoxical rules, rules as a consequence of a theory subjugated to first-principles embedded in a system, all of which he failed to define.


Al Gore proclaimed to solve climate change by reducing carbon emissions, ignoring comfortably that bandaging undesired consequences does not prepare humanity for a systematic resilience to nature’s entropy, the cause. The irreversible reduction of available energy forces humanity to improve its adaptability instead. Thankfully John Kerry issued a warning from my playbook.


Barack Obama stepped in to influence the gameplay of startups with StartUp America, comfortably ignoring not the amount of money but the daring deployment of prime risk is systematically lacking in a marketplace where innovation arbitrage is allowed to engage in the kind of collusion the SEC would scorn in public markets.


Joe Biden, in his last year as Vice President for Barack Obama, signed on to “solve cancer,” ignoring comfortably that the world’s leading scientists have identified twenty-six forms of cancer to which only specific treatment responses for each, and not a sled-hammer approach can reduce its devastating impact.

I don’t even know where to begin with Donald Trump.

Truth Be Told

The point is not that a leader cannot get things wrong from time to time. But the grandiosity of these lies highlights the magnitude of how cunning ploys of feigned excellence and cheap karma mislead the greater fools of humanity.

Put differently: no leader ignorant of the first-principles of nature is telling the American public or the world the truth as we know it today.

Nature controls us; we do not control nature. We, humans, are merely nature’s bitch, with human excellence a direct consequence of our adherence to nature’s gameplay. To achieve human excellence, we must stop selling the lies of manmade snake oil to ourselves.

The truth comes from humanity adhering to nature’s first-principles and abiding by nature’s authoritarian but gentle rule that gives us plenty of time to, even under cover of democracy, upgrade our aging lies to reality.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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