Human Adaptability To Nature’s Entropy

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

In my past articles, I have referenced the need for human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Entropy Is Boss

In fact, the irreversible reduction of available energy caused by nature is the preeminent threat to humanity (and to everything else on our planet and the cosmos). We best pay close attention to a severe threat already impacting society today and learn to preempt and adapt to it.

I explain entropy in detail in entropy for dummies, but for clarity, I reiterate my observations here.

The availability of energy is always decreasing

Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Physicist

Entropy is the irreversible process applied to the evolution of all objects, animate and inanimate, in our universe. A process ignited by the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago, and in simple terms, best described by the burst of fireworks.

When you light up a skyrocket, you will see it rush into the sky and explode, with the streaks of particles lighting up in beautiful colors and gradually dying out as they fall back to earth. In a nutshell, that is how our universe, with 400 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars surrounded by planets, has and will evolve.

The dimming of the fireworks particles, like one star dying every second in our observable universe, represents the entropy to which all stars and planets, including ours, are subjugated. We live on a tiny particle of that explosion, with the dimming of our sun upon which we depend for survival, happening in 3.5 billion-year slow-motion relative to the human timescale.


Entropy is irreversible, and we will not be able to put the genie back in the bottle. In the same way, you cannot put the particles of the skyrocket back into their organized pre-explosion state.

The ordered state converted into an unordered state, in that direction only, is the asymmetry of entropy.

Entropy is not on your side

Elon Musk

The consequences of entropy vary. The change in time, aging, climate, extinction, and evolution are just a few examples of change induced by many intertwining waves of entropy, the amplitude of some waves intentionally or unknowingly modified by human indifference, ignorance, and interference.

Entropy is the cause of irreversible change as its consequence.


Of course, reducing the amplitude of the waves of entropy may be feasible but will not eliminate the existence and general slope of the wave.

For example, reducing the negative impact of the human footprint on climate change is essential. Still, it will not eliminate the wave’s existence or the general slope of climate change. Our efforts may flatten the curve at best, yet not diminish the overall trajectory of reducing available energy.

Key to the longevity of the human species is to reduce our irreverence to the existence of nature’s entropy, as depicted in the next slide, forcing us to recognize how nature rules us. We must learn to adhere to nature’s first-principles to best adapt to the reduction and oscillation of sourceable energy, always less than the available energy.


I devote a whole masterclass on the first-principles of nature and teach how to redirect humanity’s vectors supporting nature’s first-principles to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy fundamentally. Too elaborate to reiterate in this article, I, as a first, apply Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity to the operating-systems of humanity.

The thesis determines what can be discovered

Albert Einstein

Meaning humanity’s aging, regressive monisms of oligarchically-controlled downstream absolutism in conflict with nature are replaced with dynamically expanding equilibriums of renewal upstream and in sync with nature. I thereby expand the thesis of how humanity can adapt by no less than two dimensions, freeing humankind from mind-numbing constraints incompatible with nature.

The Future

The future of humanity is determined by how well we adapt to nature’s rule.

We must deploy those first-principles to guide the development of a humanitarian theory we do not have today. That theory to support the excellence of human evolution must then be embedded into the systems designed to manage ourselves, followed by establishing paradoxical rules to freedom to enable the marketplace participants to produce the desired outcome.

In practical terms, every business we create must improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy and be rewarded handsomely for the outcome proving true or taxed heavily for doing the opposite.


The authoritarian rule of nature cannot be supported by humanity’s elective participation, for nature takes no prisoners. Human wants are irrelevant to pursuing human needs as stipulated by nature. The most pressing need for society is to improve its adaptability to nature’s entropy or perish.

Nature will recover as if we have never been there in about one thousand years after we have gone extinct. So, there is no need for humanity to mother the world other than to keep our footprint, i.e., the trash we leave behind, as low as possible to flatten the waves and make life better for our immediate offspring.


I provide detailed methodologies to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy from within the currently prevailing nation-state constructs in my masterclass. My work covers more than the proof of our best proxy of nature’s theory, as a theory without implementation is meaningless. My work also covers the theory’s implementation applied to the practices of policy, capital, and innovation.

Changing the world is remarkably easy when you change the incentive of its people. They will not all need to understand why their motivation has changed beyond realizing that their participation in an adaptable society will widen the standard deviation of merit, improve employment opportunities, improve the quality of life on earth, and extend the life span of the human species.

Let’s roll.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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