We Need A New York Accord

My disdain for the Paris Accord is not politically slanted. Like nature, I care less about manmade politics. I care about building better systems for humanity to improve our adaptability to nature’s entropy, the cause of climate change.

However or wherever that is achieved.


But when the Paris Accord agenda, in typical European non-committal fashion, does not address the cause of climate change nor holds the participating members responsible for not meeting their quotas, we must recognize the refuge in debilitating consensus achieves the opposite of its intended goal.

We do not have much time to lose, and the whims of elective participation will not abide by nature’s authoritarian rule and timing. We must subjugate to the highest normalization of nature’s truth—a truth, as I explain in detail in my masterclass, we have yet to face.


People hate the truth because it forces us to take ourselves on. An infinitely expanding normalization of truth I write and talk about so often that challenges foregone conclusions and frozen beliefs.

The chairs on the deck of the human titanic, also the subject of nature’s entropy, must continuously be reshuffled. Oligarchies destroyed. Merit reappraised. Oh, how the people in power will squirm as they offer desperate bandages to stay in power.

In the words of Albert Einstein, the solution to humanitarian problems will not come from the people who created them.

The people in power will need to explain themselves, not in the least to their children. Of how they made this humanitarian mess along a Champs Elysees of broken ideologies came to be. Watch how in retirement these powerless leaders join the public in mindless activism, evidence of how their intelligence of inducing change never lived up to their powers.

Don’t hate the players, hate the game that deceives a bright future.

Nature Rules

The reality is, nature rules us. We do not rule ourselves.

The quality and length of life, individually and as a species, is dependent on how we coexist with nature’s resources we depend on for survival. The resources collectively referred to as energy, by nature’s entropy, steadily decreasing.

Humanity must fight the decline of available energy with increased adaptability. In simple terms, to do more with less. To survive the test of time, the composite of our adaptability, made up of intellectual and physical strengths, must improve at least proportionate to the decrease of available energy.

Such is what dictates the evolution of any animal on our planet. Humanity, despite the misplaced solipsism we rule the world, is completely at the behest of nature’s laws. The laws we must start paying serious attention to.

Human Change

Human change improves climate change.

We must reduce how we damage and soil the planet. Or we, humans, not the planet, by virtue of our unwillingness to adapt will get the boot. In about one thousand years after humans have gone extinct, the planet will look like we have never been there. A mere bump on the road of the expected 8 billion years of planet earth’s life-span.

Let’s be clear, climate change is unsolvable, for entropy, as the asymmetric conversion of an ordered state into an unordered state, is irreversible. And climate change is not the only consequence of entropy threatening the existence of humanity.

Hence, humanity must adapt to many forms of entropy by simply adhering to the first-principles of nature we have ignored for too long.

New York Reigns

New York is the world’s financial capital, with finance, instead of government control, as the preeminent arbitrage of innovation implicitly determining the fractal of human expansion. For all the right and wrong reasons, the world has copied our example, including the Disney World encapsulation of our enriched make-believe, and will do so again.

Now we can show the world what we are really made of and demonstrate how we can and must inspire the world with new humanitarian excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Lead, Joe Biden. Do not follow the collusion of the proverbial Thelma and Louise into the ravine of blind populism. Reestablish the responsibility we have to the world, with authority and action required to meet the pressing authoritarian rule of nature, poised to do us in otherwise.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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