The Great Reset That Isn’t

The World Economic Forum produced another online conference debating The Great Reset.

Debate Paralysis

Debating in circles is what Europe has been doing for at least thirty years, as I found out from comparing the materials produced by OECD twenty years ago and now, flawed in the systemic confounding of consequence and cause of economics, doused in slipping milestones and clutched in a chain of unmet commitments. The only person making surprising sense during the conference was John Kerry, former U.S. Secretary of State.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, presented a laundry list of things she was working on to stave off the consequences of the coronavirus, cleverly obfuscating, again, how the valiant effort of bandaging undesirable consequences wins the cheap karma of short term populism but does not address the cause of our faltering economy, and therefore cannot be called a reset.

We Must Lead

In contrast, John Kerry threw a delicate wrench in the debate. Surprisingly, the event organizers, “for time constraints,” did not jump on or had any sequiturs on offer. As if John has read my blog, he warned that meeting the Paris Accord climate numbers is no guarantee climate change will be averted.

Indeed, John, as I wrote previously, climate change is unsolvable because nature’s entropy, of which climate change is merely one consequential wave, is irreversible. Yes, we can and must reduce the human footprint to stave off a compounding anthropogenic cascade, but we must begin to address human adaptability to climate change first and foremost. A topic that has been left largely unaddressed.

The United States, as the example the world still looks up to, must take action (differently) and lead. I suggest the new administration bring the Paris Accord to New York.

Reset To Nature

As the irreversible decline of available energy, entropy is the cause of many challenging consequences for humanity. Climate change, coronavirus, aging, etc., are spiraling “waves” induced by entropy, each with an amplitude testing every species’ adaptability. The most intelligent animal on the planet -hint, hint- does not pretend to solve entropy but figures out how to preempt and adapt to nature’s entropy.

Hence, the only reset deserving to be called great aligns the principles embedded in the operating-systems of humanity with the first-principles of nature.

Let’s stop the centrifuge of human solipsism and get real by putting human supremacy in perspective to save us from ourselves.

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