Planet Of Idiots

The title of this blog is a direct quote and homage to the late and great Carl Sagan describing the sensibility of humans on the tiny pale blue dot in a massive universe consisting of 400 billion galaxies, each hosting 100 billion stars like our sun, each in-turn surrounded by planets like ours.

New Kid

We, humans, solipsistically believe we are incredibly advanced and foolishly believe the world revolves around us. Simply because we (think we) can think. Yet, all our work, in terms of thinking, is still ahead of us.

Never mind most species alive today have and will outlive the life-span of the human species in spades. We are the new kid on the block on an evolutionary timescale with a lot to prove. Not in the least how not to act like idiots.

Irreverent Irrelevance

Both at the macro-level, by the above-described insignificance of our place in the universe, and at the micro-level, as a mere vessel to microbes eating us alive, human existence, when properly normalized, is treated by nature with irreverent irrelevance.

Our ability to think can be a great contributor to improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy, prolonging humanity’s life-span. That is, when we point the vector of adaptability’s composite in the right direction and not use our intelligence to fight ourselves in silly and energy-draining battles of unnecessary dominance.

Let’s highlight some major milestones in human idiocracy poisoning human progress today.


After painstaking scientific resistance, a divorce, and near bankruptcy, Albert Einstein discovered and proved a new dimension of nature, as groundbreaking as the discovery by others the earth was round, not flat. Einstein’s astute observation during a solar eclipse led to his theory of general relativity, responsible for an accelerated understanding of how everything in nature operates.

One-hundred years later, the systems of policy, capital, and innovation by which humanity manages and expands the exploration of ingenuity and capacity remain stuck in debilitating monisms of absolutism incompatible with nature’s relativity.

What could possibly go wrong?


Our almost 250-year old U.S. Constitution is, at least by many Americans, considered the marvel of the free world. Freedom indeed crucial in expanding the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity necessary to reinvent ourselves anew.

However, the freedom in the constitution deploys a generous bill-of-rights, leaving its paradoxical bill-of-obligations undefined. Freedom without paradoxical rules does not yield freedom, in the same way, freedom in sports cannot exist without the apriori definition of gameplay.

Why, with freedom so miserably left undefined, are we surprised the vile-maxim of selfish interests keeps drowning the collective interests of the human species?


After about one-thousand religions have already died off for lack of evidence, the feeble remnants of one-hundred manmade theologies continue to sell the superiority of one person over the remaining 84% of the world’s population unable or unwilling to think for themselves.

Never mind extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence that is so sorely lacking. With science forcing make-believe’s shallow revisionist history. Our planet, in existence for 4.5 billion years, did quite well without the existence of manmade manacles over the last 2,000 years, cunningly extracting copious amounts of tax-deductible dollars from the simple-minded.

But the worst thing about religion is not the false-positive it represents. Because we, in the United States, can and have curbed the battle of your favorite invisible friend with warfare, if need be, to stop impregnating free thinkers.

The worst is the sleep of reason tagging the ingenuity of the vast majority of humanity as false-negatives and exempting an influx of baby Einsteins from imagining a better future. Humanity can only maximize its excellence when the proximal development of all of humanity is used.

Try to imagine how the state of humanity would improve when 84% of the world’s population would use its intelligence, instead of revisioning hindsight, to explore unprecedented foresight.


As complicated as fundamental human change may appear, it is not.

The nature of entropy dictates the disorganized state we live in today is merely an asymmetric conversion from a more organized causal state we must seek to discover. A more organized state we have already discovered but by broad-stroke human solipsism and oligarchic insecurity appear afraid to implement.

We currently live in an outdated, overly complex, and stale multi-generational disorganized state we ourselves produced by virtue of our association with long invalidated normalizations of nature’s truth.

Change will come from leaders who understand how nature’s law permeates everything we do. And a single change to the incentives of wealth accumulation changes the agenda of those who chase it. Greed, in this new assignment of merit, will become a collective benefit.

Life Is Beautiful

The solution to improving humanity and systematically eradicating human idiocracy is to continually recalibrate human truth to our best normalization of nature’s proven truth.

And then, when we emerge from manmade idiocracy, will life and the future of our offspring be truly exhilarating and exemplary.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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