In A Diverse Society, How Do You Enact Politics That May Advance Racial Equality Without Reinforcing Racial Divisions That Are Counterproductive And Hurt You Politically?

This is a question posed in an article in The New York Times by Princeton Professor Omar Wasow who studies race and politics.

The simple answer to that question is; you do not.

Inequality Of Outcome

Inequality of outcome is a vital part of human evolution. In fact, while the vast majority of human DNA is the same, the unique sampling of the tiny part that isn’t makes us all look and behave differently. Our differences are more important than our commonalities, as those differences contribute to the fractal expansion needed for humanity to best adapt to nature’s entropy.

Equality of outcome, thankfully, does not exist or we would simply not evolve.

To put human supremacy in perspective, when you put mice of different color and descent in the same labyrinth with more than one exit, more than one exit will be taken uncorrelated to descent or color.

Inequality of Opportunity

You will also not ever get complete equality of opportunity (input) because profiling, of any kind, is a primal survival technique of the human species, only dutifully minimized in abusive impact by human operating-systems employing nature’s meritocracy based on the principles of freedom. We must apply such meritocracies to humanity’s operating-systems. Not because I say so, but because nature evaluates human excellence on its adaptability to nature, no matter where that adaptability comes from.

All of us profile others based on noticeable differences from our own (based on race, sex, size, looks, behavior, etc.). We subsequently assign a positive or negative value judgment to that difference. That is how Homo Sapiens outlived Neanderthals, Denisovans, and other variations of the same hominid strand, honing its judgment to improve natural selection as time passed.

Today we are all one race, with our current profiling minimized to the identifiable differences in groups’ behavioral traits within our species. Be careful who you surround yourself with, to avoid becoming a victim of the typecasting applied to the group with its wrath becoming yours.


Politics plays no role in the evolutionary processes that make us different and instead employs evolutionary profiling ingrained in all of us. Our primal traits, derived from our evolutionary process, are apolitical because nature is.

As far as nature’s evolutionary merit is concerned, the color of your eyes appears as irrelevant as the color of your skin. And it is time we map the operating-systems of humanity to the principles of nature in every aspect of society.

To insinuate, as Wasow does, we need either a liberal or conservative strategy to deal with humanity’s innate diversity is ignorant to the excellence of human evolution. A grandiose confounding of cause and consequence of diversity that makes the smartest animal ever-lived appear the dumbest.

Don’t spend your life being a color

Michael Jackson

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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