Good Is The Enemy Of Best

I see the saying, “Don’t make good the enemy of best” make its way through the catacombs of the media circuses, with hordes of people cheering its purported positivity on. As you can gather from Learn To Think, I couldn’t disagree more.

Lazy Good

Good is the enemy of inquiry to achieve a new and higher normalization of truth needed to align humanitarian interests with nature’s authoritarian interests. An ongoing process of human excellence that, despite glowing self-aggrandizing accolades, leaves a lot to be desired.

Good is the lazy submission to foregone conclusions, while the adaptation to nature’s authoritarian rule requires we seek to reinvent ourselves continually based on the discovery of how nature works. Good is the bandaging of undesirable consequences from an expiring cause, while best is the unprecedented discovery of a higher-normalization of cause.

Numbs Best

As explained in The Evolution of Evolution, good is the evolution of downstream suboptimization correlated to an existing truth. In contrast, the pursuit of best requires the tenacity to take the road less traveled upstream in search of new and better truths, upon nature’s validation soon to redraw the delta of downstream completely.

Good sells easily to the establishment, as it suggests none of the chairs of the deck of the human titanic need reshuffling. Best faces a lot of resistance, for it explores a new and higher-normalization of nature’s truth, challenging the merit of the current oligarchy.


Let me give some examples of why “good” is not good enough:

  • It is not good enough, some 233 years since its inception, to have to develop reams of legislation related to our freedoms when the definition of freedom itself has been left undefined.
  • It is not good enough to constitutionally separate church and state and then impregnate the proverbial morality of political decision-making, defining our future, with the make-believe derived from frozen manmade hallucinations.
  • It is not good enough to blindly embrace a xenophobic religion’s disciples, vowing to enact the last-and-final solution, into a country that supports freedom and diversity of religion.
  • It is not good enough to use the extrapolation of hindsight, as in the pseudoscience of economics, as the foresight’s compass to break the norm.
  • It is not good enough for humanity to think we rule the world. In contrast, only the rule and compliance with nature’s principles determine the quality and length of human life, on our planet, or extraterrestrial.

I can go on for hours, describing how the reluctance to reexamine causation yields a delta of cascading consequences drowning human excellence.

Rebel Without A Cause

Human solipsism, suggesting our collective wants conform to our collective needs as a species, produces resistance to change. Regardless of our want to change, the burden of proof of the accuracy of manmade theories remains with humanity. For nature does not care how we fare. We should.

Today, the self-proclaimed leader of the free world in which I live, the United States of America, does not even have a theory in compliance with nature’s principles to induce humanity’s regenerative excellence. Humanity has never questioned what nature’s principles are (until now), for stubborn solipsism falsely infers we already know what is best. Our satisfaction.

Be Best

Be best is a phrase I smirkingly borrow from Melania Trump. A phrase, I can assure you in her case, related to the onslaught of misplaced truths one can swallow. More generally, not helped by conservatives -by definition- reluctant to adopt groundbreaking discoveries that challenge their merit.

In reality, best is an ever-evolving upward trajectory towards the root-cause of nature’s infinite truth, as described in Learn To Think. It is a proxy of understanding, forming a human theory as close as possible to nature’s theory upon which we depend for survival.

The frequent replacement of the expiring bandages of good with a new and higher normalization of best defines the torque of human excellence. Conversely, a fortuitous attachment to the spiraling convulsions of “good enough” yields the numbing exploration of best.

The best we so desperately need to adapt to nature’s entropy.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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