Sorry David Attenborough

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I have been, and still am, a big fan of David Attenborough from watching his television shows and his association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), co-founded by a prince from the land of my childhood.

The top-notch quality of especially David Attenborough’s latest cinematography should make everyone want to protect the beautiful blue dot life-incubator — planet earth — we live on. David is a world treasure, and we share a curiosity, passion, and love of all things nature.

Cause Over Consequence

However, David’s call for the world to invest $500 billion per year to support biodiversity is outright ridiculous. As ridiculous as trying to solve obesity with gastric bypass surgery.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I admire anyone with a passion (and latently dislike anyone without). Like David, I too envision and am passionate about creating a better world. An effort I poured a lot of my hard-earned Silicon Valley money in. Not in the least to fundamentally and systemically improve the world my daughter grows up in.

I, too, am embarrassed by the environmental destruction humanity has left behind. But I seek to resolve the cause, not to bandage consequence. The cause being the complete lack of a human theory in line with nature’s principles.

Rebel With A Cause

The evidence of my dismay is on public display in the 1,617 articles I have written to debunk the foregone conclusions of humanity stuck in the mud of the madness of crowds. I also do a lot of work behind the scene to make leaders in congress and elsewhere think about what they are doing.

To help avert a catastrophic outcome for the human species, I also deploy advisory to policy-makers and financiers and give masterclasses to teach nature’s causal principles humanity must begin to abide by.

A better world can only be achieved with leaders, in MLK parlance, not in love with consequence but in love with cause.


The cause of all change on our planet, and the universe for that matter, is entropy, described succinctly by Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman as the asymmetric conversion from an ordered state into an unordered state.

Meaning, irreversible change, caused by the declining availability of energy, is the only constant all living species on earth must adapt to. A steady and observable process of change across our universe has been taking place, in many forms in billions-and-billions of solar systems, for 13.72 billion years.

Climate change, unfortunately, is unsolvable because it is predicated on the irreversible nature of entropy. The only thing humanity can do is adhere to nature’s principles, minimize its footprint, and learn to adapt to the interplay of many waves and amplitudes stemming from entropy.

Many Forms

Climate change is not the only form of entropy threatening the longevity of the human species. The evolution of everything, not just our atmosphere, is predicated on entropy. Hence, not all change on our planet is related to climate change. And reducing the undesirable consequences of climate change does not necessarily reduce our vulnerability to entropy.

Meaning, $500 billion per year, spent on undesirable consequence of human ignorance, will not get us out of the woods.

However, not aggravating climate change is prudent. And thus, maintaining a healthy dynamic(!) equilibrium with nature, as David’s brilliant work makes us all aware, is pertinent as long as that effort alone does not take the focus away from the inescapable requirement to adapt to entropy, spawning a plethora of consequences, many yet to be discovered.

Adapt Now

We can argue until we are blue in the face about why the polar caps are melting. Still, if, for example, we do not build a dyke around New York City in the meantime, the delay caused by the thirty-year bickering amongst ourselves continues to poses an imminent threat. As the only animal capable of projecting foresight with a high degree of accuracy, we should allocate funds to improve our response to what we can see coming now.

Climate change is merely one consequence of entropy, and from studying Learn To Think, you should know; no bandaging of consequence leads to the proper response to cause.


Back to the aforementioned reference to obesity, you do not solve obesity with gastric bypass surgery.

You solve obesity by systemically incentivizing people to take care of their wellness and disincentivizing those who do not (as eventually nature’s authority does), eliminating the need for surgery. Likewise, we can eliminate the need to address climate change when we improve our conformance with nature’s causal principles systemically.

Attention to wellness is the cause that prevents the undesirable consequence of obesity from occurring. In the same way, attention to nature’s entropy is the cause that preempts and improves humanity’s response to climate change and other forms of entropy.

Causal Change

Therefore, David Attenborough’s attempt to fund the proverbial surgery derived from unfettered human ignorance, as all activists attempt to do, is an attention-grabbing false-positive unknowingly taking the wind and focus out of addressing the cause.

I have spent the last ten years discovering and formulating nature’s principles, building our best response to nature’s entropy, the cause.

My approach, gleaned from nature, addresses the causal rather than endless consequential predicaments and costs less than $5 million per year to disseminate worldwide. Best of all it is, by nature’s proven law, guaranteed to improve human excellence and longevity systemically.

Capitalize On Nature

We must play nature’s game by defining a human theory to comport with nature’s theory and point the vector of human excellence in the same direction as nature’s.

The structure of capitalism can remain largely the same, but this time its remuneration triggered only by demonstrably improved adaptability to nature’s entropy, turning greed from a vile-maxim into a humanitarian advantage.

We can change the name of our human game to deal with all of nature’s entropy. In the meantime, I hope David keeps doing what does best, report on the wonders of life’s incubator — planet earth.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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