From Think-Tank To Sink-Tank

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

There is no doubt the human species, through curiosity, audacity, analysis, reason, and imagination, can predict how Mother Nature, dictating the survival of the human species, is going to behave.

But that ability to use human intelligence to our advantage is stained by extreme solipsism, thinking we run the world, and by one-upmanship, to control others of the same species with unverifiable claims of supremacy.

Humans Do Not Run The World

As I have explained previously, we are too full of ourselves.

Since the early formation of our planet, bacteria have ruled the world and us. The human body is a walking petri-dish, a mere vessel, with microorganisms outnumbering human cells ten to one. The quality of human life, individually and as a species, is dependent on how we benefit from those organisms living inside and on us.

We live at the behest of the existence and controlled replication of those bacteria. To put it in slang, we are nature’s bitch. Let’s put that on a t-shirt to remind us to bow down to nature at all times.

The serious recognition and implication of that fact should lead us not to invent more unverifiable manmade theories but to discover the best normalization of nature’s truth, the only truth that truly matters, and derives a human theory from our best understanding of nature’s principles.

Today’s popular think tanks revel in and regurgitate downstream sub-optimizations of expired manmade truths uncorrelated to the principles of nature, using a tactic made illegal in the consumer-packaged-goods business of repackaging and reselling the old as new.

Humans Lie Consistently

Humans lie constantly, yet not always for nefarious reasons. The same intelligence by which we can predict how nature behaves predicts, in no uncertain terms, we will all die.

To alleviate our fears, humanity makes up sustainability stories of the afterlife. Stories that influence how we prepare for the afterlife, with certain self-anointed “experts” claiming to have superior insight -sans evidence- into how to live and how to “cross over.”

The lies we tell ourselves are not restricted to over one hundred ancient theologies. The indoctrination of make-believe has proven to enamor 84% of the world’s insecure, feeble, and gullible population, too dependent and desperate to survive unable to think for themselves.

Cunning humans have figured out how to sell the insecure among us a host of new modern-day religions. The practice of economics, for example, is again steeped in the regurgitation of hindsight, unable to extrapolate to foresight to break the norm. Again perpetuated by “experts” who are not required to deliver any real proof of their foregone theories.

Today’s popular think tanks revel in the cascading complexity of failing manmade theories uncorrelated to nature’s principles and truths, drowning its disciples in promises of change that never materialize.

Learn To Think

Many of us have never learned how to think and have instead been told what to think. The wisdom offered by the refuge in consensus, pursued by your average think-tank, yields a humanitarian sink-tank instead. Or, in the words of Sigmund Freud, the future of an illusion.

The discovery of a higher normalization of nature’s truth, like Einstein’s theory of general relativity, does not come from the madness of crowds thinking at a level that creates and bandages today’s manmade dysfunction.

New and better proxies of nature’s truth, to which we best hitch our humanitarian wagons, come from people unafraid to question the frighteningly dumbfounding foregone conclusions, holding the expansion of human ingenuity hostage.

A new and better normal for humanity, crossing the spectrum of policy, capital, and innovation, can only come from the endless curiosity and discovery of nature’s truth offered by the antithesis of think-tanks.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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