Is Meritocracy On The Way Out?

Family Capital posits how supposed top-minds think meritocracy is on the way out. I say meritocracy is on the way in, better normalized, with nature instead of man defining merit. Top-minds toppled.

Here is my comment to the article:

A meritocracy turns into an oligarchy when man instead of nature defines merit. Human survival is dependent on our adherence to nature’s gameplay, not on the solipsism engrained in manmade gameplay to one-up over the other. 

All manmade systems and definitions prevalent today fail, including capitalism, because they fail to adhere to the relativity Einstein discovered one-hundred years ago to envelope (almost) everything in our universe. And you cannot map relativity with theories of absolutism, no matter how hard you try.

Our current manmade constructs fall many dimensions short of mapping to reality, as I have explained in economics, capitalism, meritocracy, socialism, etc. Not the vocabulary we assign to these constructs is false, but our implementation is.

Manmade make-believe debunked

For example, there is nothing wrong with capitalism, the barter of money for products or services rendered, when we subjugate capitalism to a higher and better normalization of nature’s truth in adherence to principles dictating the excellence and evolution of humanity. Especially, when you realize nature, in reality, is a lot more lenient than humanity.

As explained in Learn To Think, the validity and the integrity of any term is dependent on what normalization of truth you subjugate the term. And when you subjugate a term to the solipsism of humanity, do not expect anything else but a vile-maxim of solipsism to flow from its implementation.

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