Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I played the interview by Howard Stern with Sean Penn twice, not just because he talks about the things I care about, policy but also because I align with him about almost everything in life, the role of money, etc. A rarity (black lives matter excluded, he is contradicting himself there, for understandable reasons of populism).

Not only a fabulous actor, but Sean is also using his fame, stature, and money (to travel) to row against the stream of subconsciousness to help out in the Coronavirus pandemic, via his Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE).

We also have a shared appreciation for the late Christopher Hitchens that runs deep. Don’t let Sean’s Einstein hairdo and excessive smoking fool you.

Sean Penn on Howard Stern

Some of my favorite quotes from the interview:

  • A great life is following one’s curiosity
  • Not all the suits are assholes
  • I can be a difficult person to like from afar
  • You come on board to play the same song
  • I am not asking a person in a wheelchair to stand up
  • Do we deserve to put children in this world?
  • I’m not prone to movements
  • Abuse of power is what I fight
  • Autobiography of their own impotence
  • Awkward sense of what leadership is, posing and posturing for a select few
  • I am more in love with humanity than humans
  • I forget the names of my friends too often
  • These days you break the law if you put three thoughts in them
  • The toughest guy on the block is the one with the least to lose
  • More people in love with selling a movie rather than making it
  • People are sick of deception

There were many good nuggets.

Listen and learn.

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