Does One Need To Stand Up For The Rights Of All?

No, you do not need to stand up for people who, hibernating in the sleep of reason in the den of failing laissez-faire constructs, do dumb things, either to other individuals or damage humanity’s collective interests. For example, let’s not assign the same rights to, or listen to the voice of Charles Manson as we do to others.

I am not trying to make a joke here.

Minority Matters

The fundamental flaw of a manmade democracy is that it feigns to assign the same voice and attention to everyone, an evolutionary incompatible stance.

The study of nature reveals the evolution of any species is predicated on the minute yet important deviation from the preceding norm. The value of the cynical minority weighted as more essential than the value of commonalities in terms of the regenerative adaptability of a species.

Fractal expansions, so pervasive in nature, come to mind when you are as visually inclined as I am. A tree, as a perfect example of a fractal, expands at its edge, not from the inside.

The majority of human wants do not map to evolutionary needs, as depicted in the slide below. And only fulfilling our evolutionary needs compatible with nature’s principles allow us to optimally adapt to nature’s entropy.

Quality Over Quantity

Nature deploys an evolutionary meritocracy, guided by a set of principles much friendlier, patient, and more lenient than the manmade manacles humanity has sold itself to promote human excellence. You can tell from humanity’s ignorance to evolutionary principles over the last 150,000 years by which we skirted and frankly abused nature. Nature has only handed us a few minor warnings, so far.

The merit of an evolutionary meritocracy is predefined by nature. You, too, can discover nature’s principles when you pay close attention to nature or attend my masterclass to let me tell you.

The Only Inalienable Right

We all must stand up for improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy, which does not come from summarizing the wants or beliefs of all people but is derived from improving humanity to comply with nature’s rule. As one race, subjugated to nature’s race.

Our humanitarian needs may conflict with the solipsism of human wants. A reason why the voice of reason, correlated to nature’s truth, is more valuable to humanity than the self-gratifying voices of human wants.

It is time to shift our normalization of truth from manmade manacles of aging truth to much simpler and proven systems obeying nature’s principles. We must throw human solipsism in the garbage where it belongs, and realize not human opinion but our best comprehension of nature benefits us.

Once we deploy an evolutionary meritocracy, every right, obligation, and voice to improve human adaptability shall be honored. Until that time, the only inalienable right surviving the test of time will be nature’s.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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