Accelerating Infinite Regression In Asset Management

As I explain in The Evolution of Evolution, when humanity merely evolves downstream from an existing normalization of truth, get ready for infinite regression. That is my stern warning to Dutch funds, APG, and PGGM, promoting an AI-driven investment platform for asset owners, as reported by top1000funds.

Smorgasboard Of Make-Believe

The publication states: The AI-driven technology sifts through reams of structured and unstructured data to gauge the extent to which companies’ products and activities meet the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Let’s break this smorgasbord of misplaced assumptions in asset management down once again:

Flawed foundational beliefs

The U.N. is entirely wrong in its reference and association with sustainability, an evolutionary oxymoron, for sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe. That misnomer is more than a mere conflict of surface-level semantics as it involves a fundamental misapprehension of the cosmos and humanity’s role on this tiny little planet.

Those who refer to sustainability are newborn flat-earthers, missing a few crucial dimensions in the fractal of human expansion. We must replace the seventeen bandaids to human ignorance with one that prevents such ignorance.

The one dictated by nature.

Artificial suboptimization

I have made my disdain for the wild adoption of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), also used in this investment platform, abundantly clear. A.I. is based on data from events that have already occurred, not extrapolating to foresight to break the norm.

A.I. can play a valuable role in society, but not when its inherent capability of downstream suboptimization is sold to greater fools as upstream. An asymmetry peddled as symmetry turns A.I. into the snake oil of change for the twenty-first century sold to people who confound consequence with cause hopelessly stuck in grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

Subpriming galore

The arbitrage of finance deploying its unique insight into foresight is supposed to make one fund stand out.

The subjective analysis of the unique and unprecedented upside from foresight is the only dependable attribute of the firm running the fund. A point rapidly deflated by flawed, lazy, and commoditized collusion spawning the same subpriming, uniformity, of investment intake in assets that should produce the opposite.

Broken At The Top

Asset management must first come to terms with how distribution does not determine risk, how ten levels of bottom-heavy diversification is a feeder for diminishing returns from navel-gazing, and how the fractal of human ingenuity, steeped in relativity, cannot be supported by monisms of absolutism correlated to an index-of-self.

Avoiding the higher-order structural flaws in asset management and a complete miscomprehension of evolution and technology make asset owners dangerous human excellence progenitors.

It remains highly worrisome how precisely the people responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity with public money and more influence than the government know nothing about nature’s rules.

Nature Rules

Like all systems conjured up by humanity, asset management systems must obey nature’s principles to drive a theory supporting humanity’s improved adaptability to combat nature’s entropy. Anything else will accelerate punitive distress to the state of society with unsustainable returns to boot.

We must deploy more innovative finance systems as intelligent and diverse as the assets to which the asset management theory is applied. This idea introduced above, despite bathing in a smoothy of misplaced populism, is not.

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