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Georges van Hoegaerden
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Katy Perry for President was my first thought when I heard the celebrity singer in an interview with Howard Stern demand a reprioritization of life around the principles of nature. Let me explain how. Go, Katy! You already look much better than Kanye West!

America loves putting its celebrities, or anybody who made a buck, on a pedestal, and Katy’s surprisingly insightful perspective is already more impactful than the insight of all past Presidents combined.


Thankfully, I have been working on reinventing the operating-systems of humanity for the last ten years, leading to first to the discovery of what nature’s principles actually are. No small feat initially until you recognize how nature spells it out for us in many instances, and all we need to do is be curious, ask questions, pay attention, and observe.

Nature’s principles are quite a bit different from what is proposed in the green-new-deal proposals. A deal, with the cheap karma of the frivolous sixties in tow, hinging on evolutionary incompatible principles, gaining support from the usual channels where consensus steadfastly regurgitates the norm.

The green-new-deal is an evolutionary false-positive. For we can never patch up our environment when the cause of human behavior is not first adjusted.


Resolving undesirable consequences from human ignorance and the soiling of our planet may seem noble and helps reduce the pressure, but does not resolve the cause. Put differently, reoccurrence is imminent when you only change the wounds from manmade cancer but never cure the disease. We must seek causal change to break away from our ignorant past and establish a new norm upstream.

We must change the theory of human behavior to comply with nature’s principles and embed that theory in a system, a real one for once, that only assigns money to those who contribute to improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy. When we do, the undesirable consequences will disappear systematically and automatically.

New Norm

A new norm, breaking away from the past, can only come from a new and higher normalization of truth as described above. Anything else will yield more of the same, more complexity, more charlatans of change, and infinite regression to boot. We must simply submit to the gameplay of how nature controls us.

I explain some of the principles of nature as the foundation for a new operating system for humanity in a brief introduction video and go into a real-world practical implementation in my 3-day masterclass.


Back to Katy’s comment, it is not enough for humanity to deploy an operating-system for humanity that acts with the optionality of dining room etiquette, attempting to appeal to the morality of people getting their paychecks from the inverse. Fat chance.

Nature’s rule dictating human survival is patient yet authoritarian. There is simply no way of escaping nature’s rule, even when we numb ourselves into a ruse of a flawed inference to cause. Nature will come calling, and our ability to adapt will be even more lackluster in determination than it is today.

A new operating system for humanity must, therefore, deploy equally patient yet authoritarian principles, with freedom constrained by nature’s paradoxical rules granted to all living species.

Nature’s Game

Simply put, humanity must obey nature’s gameplay, or we are literally doomed.

Fear not, nature is a lot more predictable, lenient, and fair than the often opaque, modern-day barbarism humans still deploy to suppress and one-up each other. I discuss nature’s predictability in my masterclass in detail.

Our manmade constructs, apart from lacking a guiding theory, also fail to meet the litmus test of a system and thus fail to produce the regenerative predictability of outcome as the design criteria of a system. This a topic I have covered on this blog many times.

Let me cover the gating premise of Katy’s astute observation and explain – in two slides – how we must reorder human priorities with a brief explanation of the change needed in each practice.


How we prioritize and convert the principles, theory, and systems needed to adhere to nature is crucial in achieving predictable outcomes commensurate with maximizing the expanding fractal of humanity.

Today, finance, as the laissez-faire arbitrage of innovation, rules the world. Now, in the United States, eleven times the size of production as a contribution to GDP. Mostly, in infinite regression betting on an index-of-self, called the S&P 500, decoupled from evolutionary relevance.

To attempt to escape regression-velocity finance invests in production, companies in need of money to support the promise of infinite growth. All while sustainable growth does not exist anywhere in the universe. Those companies produce things people in endless convulsions of consumerism want rather than need. Sugar water, anyone? “Big Foot” prints left behind.

The riches derived from the ploy above cement the kings of the oligarchic castle of those financial systems. The rinse and repeat of financial success tighten the control over the arbitrage of innovation into a narrowing stasis from which few participants and, worse, few innovations can escape, unable to evolve along with the dynamic assets it aims to trace.

When shit ultimately hits the fan, broken free from its opaque dealings, post-mortem regulations are instituted by politicians acting like nurses covering the wounds from cancer. Incapable of detecting the cause of the disease of evolutionary incompatibility, new diversion tactics are deployed to circumvent the new regulations for more regression to follow.

The whole stack of constructs works on the basis of a monism of oligarchically controlled freedom, quite the opposite of free. Leading to a friend or foe stance in a totalitarian monism of expansion of human capacity and ingenuity. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free — Goethe.

For good measure, and when the fire reaches our feet, we add the cheap karma of pretending to know how to comply with the environment as an after-thought by using responsible investment philosophies, the most popular being ESG. Forgetting blissfully, sustainability upon which all those initiatives hinge does not exist anywhere in the universe.

This, my friends, is the stack of manmade manacles incapable of tracing the dynamic plurality of human ingenuity needed to adapt to nature’s entropy. Today’s approach is simply unsustainable, and the cracks are showing. Humanity has been misled by constructs of arbitrage systemically unable to expand the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.


The bright light is that tomorrow can be different if we are prepared to dismantle and reorganize the operating-systems of humanity to comply with nature’s rule. We must change our approach from the false premise of sustainability to a regenerative approach derived from the excellence of renewal.

The excellence of human evolution for humanity to constantly adapt to nature’s entropy must be made a top priority. Meaning the thesis embedding nature’s undeniable principles must be implemented as the one and only directive to which all systems must adhere. Simply put, all human activity must contribute to improving our adaptability to nature’s entropy. This, of course, requires a solid understanding of what nature’s principles actually are, the subject of my masterclass.

The evolutionary principles of nature above lead to the definition of policy of how people are stimulated and governed to optimally support the expanding fractal of human ingenuity to serve us all. The government must be made responsible and held accountable for the definition of gameplay that yields the regenerative excellence of humanity, supporting human needs over human wants. The theory of the game must be defined before the players are allowed to play the game. The thesis supporting the principles of nature, determining what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein.

We then establish the rulebook, a set of rules and regulations to ensure compliance with the gameplay defined by the aforementioned policy. We must implement a rating system by which companies in violation of policy pay substantially more taxes to pay for the damage their footprint leaves behind than those in compliance with the desired humanitarian contribution. We take a page from sports, where the rulebook does not dictate the outcome of gameplay, it only dictates the rules of the game. with the objectives defined and the rules established, let the games begin.

The merit of gameplay is defined by the contribution of each player, an institution most likely, to the strengthening of human adaptability to nature’s entropy. The merit of those institutions is defined, in soccer parlance, by how many humanitarian goals they score, not by how many times they pass the ball around. Score more, and you will get taxed less, score less, and you will get taxed more. Dynamically, like all contributions in nature, are appraised.

We then deploy finance in adherence to the same gameplay, betting on the merit of institutions capable of scoring many more humanitarian goals than their gating financial status would allow. Finance is no longer allowed to bet on itself but only on the expanding fractal of human ingenuity derived from adherence to desired gameplay.

We produce less that is more, evolutionary speaking. Meaning we tune the contribution of production to the evolving needs for humanity to adapt to nature’s entropy. Less waste, less damage to the environment, and more value-add to the regenerative strengthening of humanity.

Follow The Plan

The reprioritization of how we operate as humans must change from pretending we are the center of the universe to a more humble disposition realizing nature controls us, and we must subjugate to nature’s principles. The ones we discovered.

Using those principles, we then build a theory as the foundation of new operating-systems for humanity to subscribe to and align all of our disciplines to our evolutionary compass. We will teach you how.

It is high time we pull ourselves out of the rabbit hole of human ignorance and elect leaders:

Not in love with money but in love with justice, not in love with publicity but in love with humanity

Martin Luther King

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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