You Are Responsible

For too long, and especially those with access to a candy-store of medicine in the U.S. excessively advertised on television, have we ignored the responsibility to our own health.

Advanced Ignorance

We rely on a healthcare system to pick up the pieces of the ignorance to the state of our own health, because, you know, chasing money is more important. In comes the coronavirus with no regard to our financial status, and in less than three months wipes out 100,000 people in supposedly the most advanced society in the world. Advanced by what standard, I must posit?

People pretend everything is normal now, just because we managed to curb hospitalizations. How many times must I keep telling you, nothing has changed in the last three months.

We have no vaccine, we have no publicly available impromptu testing, and as the second most obese country in the world with cascading diseases relying on the flex-power of our expensive healthcare system, we are arguably the most vulnerable.

Fight Not Flight

The point I made before, and comes back to haunt us now, is that health care is neither about health nor care. Health comes from wellness, not from multi-generational ignorance to our individual wellness combined by laissez-faire parenting caught into a shaky safety-net of an already bloated healthcare system.

Nature simply does not care about us, and merely grades us by our adaptability to the waves of entropy it throws our way.

The amplitude of those waves will intensify as a result of the ever-depleting availability of energy on our planet (Feynman). Meaning, as the threats from entropy will increase, human excellence must improve at least proportionally for our status quo to remain the same.

On top of that, we have some catching up to do.

Systemic Change

So, rather than just putting a bandaid on our current response to the coronavirus in an attempt to offload hospitalizations, we must begin to redesign the operating-systems of humanity to ensure we strengthen human adaptability. If we do not, the strength of human renewal will diminish and a future threat could easily topple us.

Our healthcare system must be freed from the coagulating chronic diseases causing devastating aneurysms. The responsibility of one’s health is not one for our government to carry. The pursuit of wellness to be exact must be handed back to every individual. And we can enforce such responsibility by virtue of the systems of humanity we build.


You control what you eat, how you stay fit, and thus you control and are responsible for your wellness. The health care system should only be used for incidentals, save for a few outliers of the less fortunate kind.

How to get to that point relies on how we make the causal systems of humanity adhere to the first-principles of nature also. Do not expect the state of our healthcare system to fundamentally improve by changing the dials of its workings. There is only so much juice you can squeeze out of an orange.

The wheel of human excellence will not improve when we fix only one of its broken cogs.


For example, if we do not solve, systematically, the severe poverty in this country and why twenty-five percent of children in the public school system are on food support, then we do not prevent fifty-seven percent of children projected to be obese adults putting severe pressure on our healthcare systems.

We, humans, suffer from having deployed the wrong operating-systems for humanity over many generations, causing the vector of human expansion to be incompatible with nature’s expansion. Our battle to lose. So, we must rewind. Back out of the rabbit-hole we created for ourselves.

The wellness of humanity is what we must focus on and infuse in all of the operating-systems of humanity, whether we like it or not. Because by the strength of our adaptability is how nature decides on the longevity and renewal of the human species, every day of our lives.

Nature’s Game

Nature controls us – fear not – with principles much more predictable and gentle than how we treat and enslave ourselves to outdated dogmas. We must be all-hands-on-deck to infuse every operating-system of humanity with nature’s principles to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Each of us can begin to adhere to nature’s gameplay immediately, and lead our leaderless government into the future we want to see. Only when we acknowledge our own responsibility that we subsequently instill on the systems designed to govern our collective interests do we have a chance to benefit from the saving grace of our intelligence to outlive a common fly.

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