WTF Are You Doing?

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I am direct, yet seldom use profanity in my blogs. However, this time such profanity is warranted as the gravitas and urgency of this pertinent question apply to us all.

Profane Idiots

What are we doing on this planet? What is the meaning of life? And what are you, yes you, contributing to the longevity of the human species, including improving the prospects of your children’s children? Let me break a few egg-shells we are all so used to walking on.

My lighthearted profanity is echoing my dumbfounded realization of how so many people, put on a pedestal of leadership affecting the future of many others, have no clue about the preservation of the human condition in the context of the environment in which we live and the rules of nature that govern us.

It frankly always surprises me how we comfortably elect “leaders” in government, especially here in the USA, responsible for the long of our collective interests, with the world eager to follow in our footsteps, lacking a basic understanding of nature’s laws that precede and define the human constitution.


Why do we wrap ourselves in warm blankets of convenient yet embarrassing lies and then act surprised when the long of human interests is woefully unprepared for the challenges nature throws our way. Many kids have already found out about the lies we have been telling them.

We all seem to blissfully wander off in la-la land trodding down a vile-maxim path of wealth accumulation, gloatingly referred to as the American Dream, completely ignorant, and worse destructive, to the common interest of humanity.

Wealth, if I must remind you, does nothing for nature. Nothing that is, if the remuneration of wealth is correlated to anything else but advancing evolutionary prowess.

We must each ask ourselves this fundamental question:

How am I improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy?

Georges van Hoegaerden

Before you even attempt to answer that question let me explain its intricate inferences.

Human Adaptability

Human adaptability is required for humanity to subjugate, yes, submit, and adapt to the rules nature bestows upon us. For we do not control nature but nature controls us. For example, we can debate until we are blue in the face about how to address climate change. Such debates do nothing to solve the pertinent issues remaining unanswered; how to adapt to climate change.

We have done very little to adapt to climate change.

We have not built dikes around New York City or other areas in dire need of protection when the water level rises to the projected levels. No substantial federal, state, or local budgets have been set aside to deal with the massive costs associated with the projected rise in tides that floats all buildings.

All we have done is argue about what caused climate change, at the highest levels of government with desperate activists chiming in, and supposed experts who proclaim to infer causation from correlation, as we paid almost no attention to preemptive measures when our misplaced assumptions of cause derived from the flawed inference from consequence do not pan out.

I urge you to go back to middle school if you missed the classroom session explaining how correlation does not infer causation, so omnipresent in the reasoning of “leaders” leading us into a mental morass.

What causes climate change, with human solipsism and blatant ignorance of nature’s law putting, no doubt, a wrench in it, is entropy.

Let me bridge to an explanation of entropy in a moment, with why we should contribute to our collective excellence as a species first, as induced by the question we should all be able to answer.

Collective Contribution

The all-for-me and nothing-for-anyone-else stance of a vile-maxim pontificating as economic excellence contradicts the unique traits of the human species preventing it from going extinct before leaving the plains of Africa. The strength of humans working together to defend themselves against threats, foreign or domestic, saved Homo Sapiens from near extinction and caused us to outlive our bipod cousins, like Neanderthals and Denisovans, habituating the same areas.

Meaning, your role as an individual contributor to society is just like a player on a basketball team, the team winning a more important objective than you scoring the most goals. You must understand your role as an individual in the fabric of a collective society. Requiring the kind of freedom that must be bound by its paradox.

Precisely what my question to us all, stated above, infers. We must expand the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity to serve us all, instituted by a theory embedded in the systems of humanity we build.

Entropy For Dummies

Entropy is the irreversible process subjected to the evolution of all objects, animate and inanimate, in our universe. A process, ignited by the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago, perhaps best visualized by the explosion of fireworks.

When you light up fireworks you will see it rush into the sky, and explode, with the streaks of particles lighting up in wonderful colors and gradually dying out as they fall back to earth. That, in a nutshell, is how our universe with 400 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars surrounded by planets, has and will continue to evolve.

The dimming of the fireworks particles, like one star dying every second in our observable universe, represents the entropy to which all stars and planets, including ours, are subjugated. Said dimming, thankfully for us, happening in relative slow-motion, giving planet earth an estimated 3.5 billion years until its “lights” are fully dimmed.

This process of entropy, turning an organized state into an unorganized state, in that direction only, referred to as asymmetry, subjects our planet to an unstoppable reduction of available energy, in the broadest cosmological definition of energy. Our planet will always be changing subject to entropy, with the reduction of available energy forcing all animals on our planet, including humans, to continually adapt to using a diminishing amount of available energy to survive.

The strengthening of evolutionary adaptability is the only viable defense against entropy.

Nature’s Principles

Back to the question at hand. The regenerative strengthening of the human species, covering the evolution of multiple generations, is what fine-tunes the adaptability of humans to nature’s entropy.

Not quite the agenda we set out as the theory of the operating-systems of policy, capital, and innovation we deploy today.

Nature rules

Instead, as you can see from the chart above, the smartest animal on the planet deploys a “business plan” for humanity in direct conflict with the first-principles of nature as we understand them today.

Hundreds of years of human development have not woken us up from how we no longer live in a flat world of oligarchic absolutisms, but in a round world of relativity instead. A change the systems of humanity must begin to implement to maximize what humanity can discover.

The systemic dysfunction of our stale operating-systems of humanity appears daunting and unresolvable, yet it is not.

All humanity must do is migrate flat-world oligarchically controlled theories that currently hold humanity hostage to round-world theories of relativity everything in our universe revolves around.

How to build such systems is precisely what I have spent the last ten years of my life discovering and developing. Yielding a new theory that determines what humanity can discover, just like Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gleaned directly and only from the proof of our observable nature.

We must reset and invert the vector of human development from the obsession with what we want, to the regenerative requirements of what we need, for humanity to optimally adapt to nature’s entropy.

We must lead a government, unaware of its evolutionary responsibility, beholden to a constitution decoupled from evolutionary precedent, wallowing in the riches of subpar and self-serving ideas promoted by lobbyists to a new horizon of possibilities from a new normalization of truth.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Albert Einstein

False Positives

We are all collectively and individually responsible for the incompatibility of the manmade systems with nature we have spawned. A journey that is humanity’s not nature’s journey to lose.

Entropy calls for the regenerative strengthening of humanity, so instead of being stuck in the solipsistic consumerism of individual human wants, we must begin to fine-tune ourselves to the excellence of collective human needs.

So, once again, what are you doing to improve your adaptability to nature’s entropy?

Regenerative Strength Over Length

Are you relying less on medicine to make it through another day in life, thereby improving your genetic resistance to pandemics? Are you willing to give up the length of your life for the strength of your regenerative offspring? Are you aware your body has aught to repair itself from any threat it faces, and the denial of your ability to self-heal is a perpetual attack on the vulnerability of your descendants?

Are you aware sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron, and only the regenerative strength of renewal can improve the human condition?

Are you aware, say, self-driving cars or any other type of artificial intelligence, despite populist enthusiasm, begin to turn man into robot and robot into man, numbing your intellectual capacity and making you and your equally asleep offspring less capable of dealing with the adversity entropy throws your way?

Are you aware that not our internal human strife to get one leg up over another is relevant, especially not when that pyrrhic victory does nothing to improve humanity’s collective adaptability to nature’s entropy?

Institutionalized Excellence

Are you aware evolution revolves around the meaningful aberrations of our minute differences, present in the unique sequencing of less than 1% of our DNA, rather than derived from the coagulating commonalities we institutionalize and cherish so much?

When we are building companies, how are those companies improving humanity’s adaptability to nature’s entropy? When we build systems of governance, how are those so-called leaders improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy? When we arbitrate investment opportunities, how do the companies we invest in improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy?

When you take a job at any company, ask yourself the question, how is that company improving the adaptability of humanity to nature’s entropy?

Litmus Test

Ask anyone you know the same question, I repeat to ensure you phrase it correctly, how are you improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy?

I guarantee the answers, probably preceded by a stumbling “what do you mean?” will make you aware of how many people are caught in a dull rat race of desperate survival, just like other animals with fewer cognitive neurons in their brains.

Intelligence To Task

As an intelligent species, we must align ourselves, not around new mindless and complicated suboptimizations of our suboptimal past, but embrace the discovery of a new normalization of nature’s simple truth, a theory of relativity, recreating the decision-tree of how human excellence is initiated and regenerated, systematically.

Feel free to contact me directly and schedule a conversation (see instructions below) if you encounter any latent or direct objection to the question, we, humans, for the sake of our longevity, owe ourselves a real good answer.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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