Does Everything Evolve Around Systems?

My 16-year-old daughter asked this very good question, as we debated why I am not a great proponent of activists, of any kind. No, is my perhaps surprising answer to the question above, but systems are a prerequisite to everything we do to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

In Theory

A system, I define here, establishes the goals and objectives of gameplay. As in the game of soccer, where FIFA, as the governing body, established the theory of soccer, based on its principles, with the rules embedded in a system to determine how the game is expected to be played. You can imagine how a game of soccer would pan out when no uniform definition, understanding, and implementation of soccer were deployed. Mayhem would ensue.

Having a system in place is crucial in defining the criterion of merit (input) and setting the expectations of the desired outcome (output) of gameplay. While the policing and enforcement of the principles and rules are bestowed on the governing body, a transparent system allows the public, the audience in the case of soccer, to act as the whistleblower to potential abuse of power of arbitrage.


Activists are whistleblowers who, perhaps for legitimate reasons, highlight the enforcement of rules they find unfair. Persuasive as their arguments may be, never have I seen their arguments lead to a change in the causal theory of the game. And thus, activists merely replace the undesirable arbitrage with another downstream subversion, ostensibly freezing the state of the theory.

The theory, not the rules, determines what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein. And changing the rules, as a consequence of the theory, by the laws of asymmetry, does not change the theory. Blowing the whistle scrutnizing arbitrage does not change the game. It, at best, changes the dials of artificial and thus non-renewable outcomes.

Change The Cause

Simply put, if you do not like the rules of the game you must change the theory of the game, to reflect the new gameplay you wish to see. Activists are generally useless, as they inadvertently prolong the life of a supposedly flawed normalization of truth they never address. The opposite of what makes real change happen.

Why not everything, in a better future, evolves around building systems, as I wrote about in the evolution of evolution, is that the theory of relativity, discovered by Einstein 100-years ago, will renew the theory of the system, automatically.

Inescapable Excellence

We, in the U.S., are a country without a well-defined gameplan before we engaged in gameplay. Without a theory derived from nature’s principles that ultimately rule us, we are hopelessly lost, tinkering at the edges of morality and culpability, as the current mayhem – on all fronts – demonstrates.

We can and must inspire the world with new rigors of excellence, with a new evolutionary theory embedded in a system adhering to nature’s principles to define a new kind of gameplan we first and successfully play ourselves.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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