The Twitter Embargo

It is not often I agree with President Donald J. Trump, but in the case of Twitter limiting his freedom of speech, I agree (haphazardly).

Relativity Of Right

Trump’s appalling stance on many issues makes one want to disclaim everything he does off-hand, but very few people are wrong all the time. They, like you, have a perspective tainted by their intelligence and experiences in life. Not even your friends are right all the time. Nor should you want to be friends or allies with people who merely regurgitate your viewpoints in a carefully orchestrated echo chamber.

There is no absolutism of right in a world that revolves around a theory of general relativity. The dialectic is what we must embrace in society to ensure we do not succumb to the sleep of reason. A dialectic offering more than two unchallengeable foregone conclusions, both leading to the proverbial slaughterhouse of untruth.

A Dog In This Fight

The way I explain Trump’s behavior is like that of a pitbull, a great dog to have when you are in need of a fight, but not a great dog to have when other forms of persuasion are needed to improve the situation.

Trump, in my view, is right on some of his international policies where our leadership position around the world is taken for granted, has bailed out many countries from self-induced disputes, and is economically supporting too many countries to mention. While leaders of other countries, judging our catch-all-wind leadership from the comfort of the sideline, sit idly by. Unwilling or unable to decide.

Transpire To Inspire

The part, of course, that is missing in Trump’s purview is the ability to inspire the world – by example – with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves. Being not full of ourselves, a trait not in Trump’s arsenal requires us to take a hard look at the constitutional precepts sorely lacking in real-world relevance and therefore begging to be reinvented.

I will leave you with one salient nugget to chew on.

Freedom as our highest order precept often gloated about on the world stage, comfortably declaring the U.S. as the freest country in the world, has been left undefined, does not lead to freedom for all without paradoxical rules, and cannot let the pursuit of personal freedoms usurp the trust in collective freedom.

Good luck explaining said relativity to a President who revels in the absolutism of the hostess with the most-est.

Lost In Leaderlessnes

We are a leaderless society. Not just because some seventy percent of the population does not vote and not just because only about sixteen percent of the last of the political Mohicans put a president in office.

We have created a society in which the reinvention of our constitutional precepts is systematically shunned and stunned.

Despite the incessant rhetoric to change “the world for the better”, we dare not touch the foundational precepts of a Constitution as outdated, full of holes, and as easily disproven as the debilitating dogmas in the frozen scripture of the Bible.

Change is endorsed only for as long as you hold on to the idiocracy of our past and do not ruffle the feathers of the old birds prancing in their walled gardens, continuing to give themselves special dispensations.

Leaders of a subpriming maelstrom they are.

Sleep Of Reason

Indeed, humanity is prone to wild and long-lasting hallucinations deploying unwarranted and misplaced control over other people.

Religious beliefs and the subjugation to an unquestionable higher power are the essence of unfreedom also seeping into the fabric of our politics, despite the American promise of a secular state with a godless constitution.

Any self-respecting human being, thinking for themselves, paying attention to the undeniable rules nature bestows upon us in the same way it appears to rule the evolution of one-hundred billion visible stars to the power of four hundred billion galaxies, knows the gameplay of humanity is fundamentally incompatible with nature, and in the end, is humanity’s journey to lose.

To Point

By now, I am sure you are wondering what this all has to do with Twitter. Let me explain.

Whether a stance is right or wrong depends on the normalization of truth you subjugate the stance to (indeed, nature’s relativity theory). If you pledge allegiance to the Constitution, you must agree with Trump that technology companies must adhere to and cannot interfere with freedom of speech as instituted by legislative precedent.

Nobody is above the law, not the President nor a technology company deploying a totalitarian monism of communication to the whole wide world.

I warned technology companies numerous times, as far back as five years ago, to govern themselves or to be governed. They will be soon.

Coup D’etat

My verbal coup d’etat is that our Constitution is a poor and incompatible rendition of the rule of nature dictating our survival as an animal species.

And once we adjust human gameplay to nature’s gameplay, we will find that not the populism of human wants improves the excellence of humanity, but the diligent pursuit of human needs adapting to nature’s entropy prevails. Meaning, your opinion, voiced on Twitter or any other distribution, is as irrelevant as mine when not correlated to nature’s truth.

The theory, dear President, determines what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein. A real leader, therefore, would acknowledge speech does not determine policy, but policy determines the right, distribution, and relevance of free speech.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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