Now Is The Time To Deploy Human Intelligence

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

Make no mistake. The reason why President Trump wants us to rush back to work is that our economic house of cards, as the source of humanity’s self-aggrandizing flattery, is steadily falling apart. The rush is a shortsighted and desperate move betting on the regurgitation of our failed economics projected to deliver a better prepared and more resilient future. The rinse and repeat of human idiocracy.

I am not buying into the President’s lead, not because of political strife but simply because I am no greater-fool.

Nature Rules

As the fed has now indicated, the bottom of our economic prowess, revered across the world, has fallen out from under us. A hollow prowess that deploys the improper evolutionary gameplay for humanity anyway, as I have ad nauseam pointed out in previous missives.

Nature does not care about the constructs we build to manage ourselves, and in the end, it always shows us who’s boss. To pay attention to nature and adopt nature’s gameplay is humanity’s ultimate obligation. The ultimate obligation is to save us from ourselves.

A vow for the sanctity of all human life means we must admit the flattening curve of hospitalizations from the Coronavirus stay-at-home order, as explained by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has proven its worth as an initial remedy to reduce “healthcare” resource constraints. The flip side of that strategy, with the same amount of people susceptible to infection, is an elongated curve.

Meaning the reduced pressure on hospitalizations is displaced by an increased duration of occurrences, and yes, deaths – until a vaccine has been created.


The bottom line is, only a stay-at-home order can sufficiently suppress the number of deaths incurred before the vaccine is widely made available.

And yet, a prolonged stay-at-home order is precisely what erodes the pageantry of our manmade religion of economics incompatible with nature’s gameplay. Meaning nature has thrust us into its ever-changing maelstrom of entropy, forcing us to come to terms with how nature sets the rules of our evolutionary game. A submission President Trump, given his association with a Vice President as an unbeliever in evolution, is unwilling to bow down to, let alone can recognize.

So, we, the people, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The hard place is a President who, despite only garnering about sixteen percent of the interest of the eligible American voting public, thinks he rules the world and cannot see or imagine how human gameplay must be adjusted to meet the challenges bestowed upon us by nature, and nature’s rock dictating we must adhere to nature’s authoritarian rule, or we will perish.

Let’s guess which one is most pliable, the rock or the hard place.


Albeit conservatism is by injunction incompatible with a progressive understanding of nature’s rule, no political merit can be predisposed from Trump’s lack of evolutionary understanding. Nature does not care about politics. Neither, therefore, do I.

Like all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed humans, I think independently and report to nature rather than to an übermensch of human solipsism or to the vile maxim of its selfish pillage and plunder.

None of the last ten Presidents, extracted from either side of the political aisle, have acutely acknowledged how the authoritarian rule of nature can ever be met with a non-authoritarian democracy of human wants blissfully ignoring evolutionary needs.

But political ignorance shines disturbingly bright when the federal budget enabling the study of nature, science as we like to call it, has just been slashed by nine billion dollars. Improved human excellence and resilience can only come from a better understanding of nature’s gameplay. The kind of understanding science in its best incarnations aims to develop.

Applied Nature

Investing in science, however, is worthless when we do not implement its findings into the way we manage humanity.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity, for example, to date, our best approximation of how everything – including humanity – in our universe evolves, was validated one-hundred-years ago. Nevertheless, humanity has yet to implement the foundational precepts of relativity in any of the constructs of policy, capital, or innovation to bring human excellence up to par with our best understanding of nature. We, reinventing the operating-systems for humanity, aim to change that.

Humanity’s outdated presumptions of oligarchically controlled absolutism, as preached by our religion of economics, remain incompatible with a dynamic relativity of evolutionary merit as defined by nature. Meaning human adaptability to nature has evolved into an infinite regression, downstream only, with its diverging compass from nature demonstrably causing an anthropogenic cascade, leading to a multi-generational weakening of our resistance to nature’s entropy.

New Compass

Nothing spells human ignorance more accurately than spending mountains of money on science and then not using its newly discovered normalizations to bring human gameplay closer to nature’s gameplay.

Thankfully, we are not beholden to the figureheads of our political process who, like our President, fail to recognize not humanity but nature sets our rules. We, in the U.S., have always reinvented ourselves, not because but despite of the quality of our lackluster government.

However, an astute President looking for better approval ratings would surely be helped by a strategy not only concerned with the response to the current pandemic but also having a strategy in place by which all forms of nature’s entropy are met with our brightest understanding of nature.

Suspend Make Believe

The Fed has ample instruments at its disposal to keep “our economy” afloat, not excluding the ability to print money. Those tools offer us plenty of time to protect the downside of this specific pandemic while finally pursuing the moving target of human upside, adhering to, and preempting nature’s rule.

We can and must adjust the rules of human gameplay to adhere to nature’s gameplay to provide our best response to any kind of entropy nature throws our way. Because there will be more threats that require the utmost strength of human adaptability.

Climate change anyone?


The opportunity for intelligent leadership with the propensity to inspire the world by doing right by ourselves is right here, right now.

Let us show the world better approaches than short-sighted piecemeal solutions white-washing years of cascading human ignorance, and instead prove how the most intelligent animal ever lived can use its intelligence to regenerate enduring human advantage.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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