Nature’s Serious COVID-19 Warning

We are a little over two months in after declaring the coronavirus a pandemic with one-hundred thousand (100,000!) deaths reported in the U.S. yesterday. An average 9/11 daily death rate prompting an aggressive lockdown of New York City, right while I was there, that has yet to be relaxed. A procedure other cities, counties, and states have since somewhat reluctantly followed.

Je Maintiendrai

I value my life enough to evaluate the risk of the virus on my own accord and protect myself from unnecessary exposure, knowing full well there is a good chance many of us may get infected before testing is publicly available and a vaccine has been vetted, predicted no sooner than by the end of the year.

When I do get infected by the virus, or asymptomatically I have been already, I can only hope my natural resistance, strengthened by never taking any prescription drugs, offers an adequate response.

I imprinted the value of independent wellness on my daughter from day one in the hopes she too will have a strong natural resistance to diseases, a stance not always easily appreciated by a society prone to seeking quick relief and the easiest ways out. And therein lies a pivotal lesson nature teaches us.

Fight Not Flight

In case you were not made aware, nature’s entropy, the irreversible change applied to everything in our universe and to everything on our planet, continually challenges human adaptability. Whether that entropy is climate change or pandemics, the survival of any species on earth, including humans, is dependent on its ability to adapt to the change nature, as the undeniable ruler of our world, bestows upon all who live here.

The U.S., as the self-proclaimed leader of the free world, has extended the meaning of freedom to the right to subdue your immune system with pharmaceuticals, many of which its creators admit do not know why they work, as readily available and socially acceptable as candy in a candy store. We have not evolved much from ingesting crushed leaves to cure ourselves.

With seventy percent of the population now chronically dependent on prescription drugs, and forty-five percent of those double fisting that addiction, it is no surprise to me the death rate is as high as it is. Especially in New York, a tough city where the need to compete in a rat-race of monetary gains drives the majority who do not win into depression and other cascading diseases.

Save The Club

The steadfast commitment to the value of the rat-race, its priests ethereally refer to as “The Economy,” forces us to cherish and protect every past or present member who derives hope from and preaches to it.

Our government, now massively dependent on the taxes derived from this manmade injunction, incompatible with the principles of nature I must add, has a fiduciary obligation to issue stay at home orders to flatten the curve of hospitalization, so every member who needs help has a fair chance of seeking it.

The responses of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo were logical and sound given the foregone commitment to the health of the members of the economics club. Even though the protection of the members is now eroding the club upon which those members depend.

Multifaceted Warning

Nothing about the kind or severity of nature’s entropy, in this case the presence of a pandemic, has changed or will be dampened by our response to it. Humanity must preempt and adapt to the impending change entropy incurs. For entropy is a fait accompli.

With the above in mind, let me issue the short and long of nature’s warning as I see them:

  • Even though the hospitalization rate has been artificially suppressed by social distancing and stay at home orders, giving many the impression the viral impact of the disease has been reduced, nothing has changed from two months ago. Let me repeat, nothing has changed. There is no vaccine (yet) and there is no ample publicly available testing to reduce the need for social distancing. Your risk is the same as two months ago. If you care to live, you must reduce your exposure to people.
  • The dependence on a religion of economics expanding the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity in a diverging direction from nature’s compass is our journey to lose. Nature does not abide by our economics, we must abide by nature’s economics. Our house-of-cards of economics will continue to crumble if not fundamentally adjusted, and without such change making us more and severely susceptible to nature’s entropy.
  • The white-washing of human ignorance to the principles of nature forces us now to compensate and build gigantic buffers into our financial systems that further deflate the merit of money. Yet, no amount of money will compensate for a manmade compass incompatible with nature. We must change the merit of money to correlate directly – and only – to improving human adaptability to nature. A company that does not improve the adaptability of humanity to nature’s entropy is worthless.
  • We have yet to state a mission for humanity. Without that mission-statement humanity is as lost as a company without a business plan. No presumption of outcome should be inferred from manmade systems that are not. No presumption of human excellence should be inferred from human gameplay incompatible with nature’s gameplay.
  • The many charlatans coming out of the woodworks leveraging the appeal of activism to work on improving the world must be reminded their attention and directives are misleading and anti-climatic. Instead, we must improve the nature of humanity, systematically, to play a more constructive role in regenerating an environment upon which we depend. We must abide by nature’s rule. Meaning, we must do our best to understand it first.

We can change the manmade constructs that got us into this vulnerable position and infuse them with the principles of nature I discovered and explain in my masterclass and advisory. It is not too late to realign human gameplay with nature’s gameplay, and dramatically reduce the number of times nature will blow the whistle to reign us in.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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