I Do Not Know What Evolutionary Merit Is But It Sure As Hell Sounds Like Eugenics

Georges van Hoegaerden
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Not in the least because humanity has descended deep into the wrong rabbit-hole of self-development, explaining “Evolutionary Merit” in short-form is like explaining Einstein’s theory of general relativity in blog format. It requires reading more than one article on this blog containing 1,617 integral ones.

Evolution is a big subject not often understood by lighthearted readers looking for drive-thru comprehension and quick hits, as this commenter reveals in my response to a life-expectancy chart put up by Morgan Harper, a Democrat running to represent Ohio’s Third Congressional District.


But more than misunderstanding human dependence on evolution, the commenter draws a precipitous correlation with eugenics, precisely the outcome of the constructs of humanity we deploy today.

Artificial segmentation from confounding of consequence and cause, leading to grave depravity of reason, is what ignores the vibrant renewal of humanity in harmony with the environment. Said confounding coming from a grave misapprehension of what evolution, and Darwin’s interpretation, really means. My point being, the vile-maxim deployed by humanity’s many encroaching oligarchies today shall be feared more than nature’s remarkably fair and predictable rule.

Not knowing about and lack of acknowledgment of evolutionary merit counts as arguably the most fundamental problem of humanity. For nature’s rule dictates human merit, despite humanity pretending it does. Humanity reports to nature only, not to itself, in determining the excellence and longevity of human renewal.


To the substance of the referenced article, in Columbus – Ohio, according to the chart, rich people will on average live 26 years longer than people who are poor. This, as Morgan suggests, “is partly because incomes for the rich have soared over the past 40 years, while everyone else’s incomes have stagnated. And that was before this pandemic. Only bold federal legislation will fix this.”

I respond:

“Correlation does not infer causation, by a natural phenomenon called entropy. Design a governmental system to value evolutionary merit, of which equality is a sorrow consequence. The key problem of humanity is that we assign money to merit that does not deliver evolutionary merit.

Meaning, the cause of the consequences you describe relies on a normalization of cause you have not identified. We cannot improve the social constructs of humanity by merely whitewashing consequential outcomes we do not like. New normalization of evolutionary causation is what improves the consequential outcomes of humanity.”

A commenter responds:

 “Boy I don’t know what this “evolutionary merit” is but it sure as hell sounds like “eugenics”.”

And I follow up:

“The point is we do not have (political) systems in place today compatible with how nature rules us, and thus the undesirable consequences and conflicts with nature (pandemics, climate change, etc) keep piling up unabated and are unmet with improved human adaptability. We must focus on cause rather than consequence of systematic injustice. 

So, we can either pretend to offer better band-aids to the wounds of ill-fated consequence and sell those to greater-fools in society in return for their vote or we can offer a real solution, which is to take humanity on and address the normalization of cause that needs adjusting. The theory we deploy determines what can be discovered (Einstein).

Put differently, you don’t improve a game of soccer by not explaining the rules of the game first and instead blowing the whistle at every moral infraction. That is our current state of politics, a rebel without a cause. Consequence and cause confounded, leading to grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche). 

Most politicians today cannot even explain what freedom – our most critical precept – is, how to implement it, and why it cannot exist without paradoxical rules. I queried Congress on The Hill on the subject. 

Human adaptability to nature’s entropy is the only way to improve human excellence for generations to come. Humanity must adhere to nature’s gameplay in order to avoid the current injustice that is manmade and oligarchically controlled. 

We must build better operating-systems for humanity to improve the gameplay we wish for and need to see.” 

Do Better

No amount of people wanting to do good will do well when subjugated to the wrong kind of human gameplay, wrapped in the solipsism of a debilitating vile maxim. We must establish new rules of gameplay for all of humanity to get a fair chance of succeeding.

I know Morgan personally, and her heart is in the right place.

Bold legislation is a declaration every politician in the land has used to put themselves on the pedestal of change, yet remains a hollow declaration if not substantiated. Hollow as in most politicians unable to explain freedom, its benefits, and how it must be implemented, notably some 250 years after we crafted a Constitution that dishes out grandiose rights sans obligations to freedom. Boldness is not putting bandaids on the multigenerational denial and avoidance of oligarchic unchange, subsequently sold to the innocent as the promotion of change.

Instead, real leadership seeks to confront and improve the causal theory of humanity, and cures our manmade disease systematically, hopefully with the involvement of deserving women, so way fewer bandaids are needed to put humanity on a healthier evolutionary track.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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