Freedom Foiled

Freedom is precious, for only freedom can spawn outliers capable of maximizing human ingenuity and capacity to deal with the energy expelled by nature’s entropy.


That’s right. We live on a planet, the fallout from the Big Bang explosion, slowly losing its luster, whirling into an unstoppable death spiral from which there is no apparent recovery. Sounds grim, doesn’t it? But, not so fast. Our planet is estimated to exist for another 3.5 billion years and the moral obligation to our descendants is not to be forced to leave the party sooner than absolutely necessary.

Humans, in some form of intelligent bipod existence, have only been on this planet for about 150,000 years. The shortest of all major species ever lived on this planet. Yet as the most intelligent species, measured by the number of cognitive neurons in our cerebral cortex, we have a fighting chance to outlive other species. That is if we use our intelligence to our collective advantage.


Human intelligence leading to improved adaptability is our best weapon to combat the constant change nature bestows upon us.

Therefore, essential to the survival of the human species is to deploy human intelligence to discover how nature works and rules us. And not to waste precious energy on human intelligence deployed to anything else. For the more we understand about nature’s gameplay, the more we can preempt and adapt to nature’s continual change.


Your agreement with the mission above implies you must concede human freedom cannot be a free-for-all. And that, unlike the freedom applied to animals incapable of thinking about their longevity, human freedom must first be curtailed by paradoxical rules we, ourselves, impart. Rules that carefully align human gameplay with nature’s gameplay.

Whether you like it or not, freedom is always constrained by paradoxical rules. For nature deploys the ultimate rule to which any species, apathetic or intelligently aware, is subjugated. Human intelligence demands we cannot be apathetic about our future, despite the resistance from the defiant evolutionary ignoramuses amongst us. Their apathy is the pitiful ignorance of history in which human intelligence already saved us from early extinction.

Listen Up

Packed neatly in the above missive is the recognition we are merely a product of nature and must play the game nature bestows on us, and not in stultifying solipsism make up our own shit. Nature that dictates how only the renewal of our improving adaptability protects the longevity of the human species.

Read the above carefully again if you did not absorb sustainability juxtaposed with nature’s entropy, to which many financiers betting on the expansion of human ingenuity have hitched their formidable wagons (in the U.S. eleven times the size of production), is an evolutionary oxymoron.

Compare the above with studying the “operating-systems of humanity”, like I did, to discover none of our manmade constructs (we refuse to call them systems), like the U.S. constitution, democracy, capitalism, socialism, economics, etc. reference or incorporate the rules of nature in what promises to promulgate human excellence.


Realize from the discoveries of Albert Einstein, one hundred years ago, how the universe revolves around a theory of general relativity, meaning absolutism of anything is a hollow pipe-dream. The same pipe-dream all of our oligarchically controlled monisms of attempted totalitarianism wish for. Courtesy of the constructs humanity deployed in violation of the relativity innate to nature.

No sub-optimization of undesirable consequences from a cause detached from irreverence to nature will fundamentally improve the excellence of humanity and improve our adaptability to nature’s entropy.


We deployed a flavor of freedom, alright. A laissez-faire freedom-until-shit-hits-the-fan version that reigns supreme across the world. Impressing a world in awe of the pillage-and-plunder of the voodoo of economics devoid of evolutionary integrity portrayed as human excellence. The age-old vile-maxim of unintelligence personified.

Freedoms taken away and then, in obedience to oligarchically controlled merit of money blissfully detached from evolutionary integrity, instructed to painstakingly be earned back, is, in reality, enslavement to infinite manmade regression, the epitome of unfreedom.

New Norm

The use of human intelligence to free us from the perpetual enslavement to ourselves, again void of evolutionary contribution, is the wrong evolutionary compass and a waste of our time. Our focus, as humans, should be, as I stated earlier, to expand the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity to improve the adaptability of our species.

Had we focused on our adaptability to nature when we invented the operating-systems for humanity, we would have been better prepared to deal with the consequences of climate change, pandemics, and other forms of entropy nature throws our way. But it is not too late.


Nature is the ultimate authoritarian and we simply cannot meet the authoritarian rule of nature with human constructs that are not authoritarian. We must deploy our best understanding of the principles of nature to align, adapt, and benefit from nature.

Authoritarianism is a hard pill to swallow for the purported leader of the free world. Yet, without rules of freedom correlated to nature’s rule, no freedom can be trusted. We must deploy paradoxical rules that grant freedom its long-awaited automatic renewal.

New gameplay

A game of soccer would not be worth watching without pre-established rules that would entrust the freedom and merit of gameplay. Neither can an economy be trusted that fails to reference – let alone subjugate – to the rules of nature to promote and renew human excellence.

The normalization of human truth, to which all of our constructs report, must be elevated to nature’s truth, to prevent us from navel-gazing into hopeless solipsism, recognizing instead nature defines our destiny. How we can and must change the operating-systems for humanity to redirect our focus and energy is clear, as we discovered.

All we need now is to realize the real impetus has just arrived.

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