In Case You Forgot; Humanity Only Reports To Nature, Not To Itself

The Coronavirus pandemic should remind us all we are and always will be subjugated to nature.

Vector of impact

That irrefutable realization is often blurred by the fact we have built manmade constructs to manage ourselves, we cannot call systems, demonstrating all too clearly we consistently take our eye off the ball nature throws our way.

None of our manmade constructs reference or even abide by nature’s first-principles, and thus develop a vector of human capability, ingenuity, and capacity increasingly violating and diverging from the steadfast rules and direction preordained by nature.

Spare me your hopeless rebuttal loaded with cheap ESG kinds of do-goodery.

Finance’s new favorite toy is an evolutionary false positive of gigantic proportion amidst much self-aggrandizing applause instead responsible for an accelerated anthropogenic cascade. Gigantic because of finance’s size and impact eleven times the size of production as a contribution to GDP in the U.S.

Ignorance hits the fan

Over the last two thousand years or so, humanity has invented many ingenious self-serving ploys. Initially arguably well-intended, but their validity under laissez-faire-till-shit-hits-the-fan “leadership” has eroded quickly. With the dilapidated constructs of money, capitalism, economics, religion, politics, television, social media, etc. allowing the mere solipsism of popular opinion rather than the inference to evolutionary merit to dictate what it means to be successful. Or not.

I hate to bring it to you, but what the popular vote wants is not quite the same as what humanity needs. I have nothing against the existence of the aforementioned constructs; I have a big problem with their implementation. For neither is geared towards strengthening human adaptability to meet nature’s entropy. The latter objective in dire need of being included as the highest-order precept of any social contract for humanity.

It is time to do away the rampant vile-maxims, all for me and nothing for anyone else, that hurt our collective interests and the rest of the world looks upon and copies as human excellence.


You should know the aforementioned difference between wants and needs when you are entrusted with raising a child.

Your child’s want to eat mac-and-cheese every day, I saw lined-up in a neighbor’s pantry one day, cannot be granted if you have the best interest of the child in mind.

Too many parents fail to parent in that regard (some even boasting about it) as explained to me by an optometrist. Said California doctor predicting many outwardly healthy-looking children prone to a heart attack by age forty-five, as by six years of age, the smallest veins in their bodies, in the back of their eyes, are already showing wear and tear suspected from malnutrition, coming from today’s food in a box.

Indeed, child abuse starts when you, as a parent, cannot distinguish between the needs and wants of your child.

The same abuse applies to humanity as a whole. Boosted by a stubborn irreverence to even the existence of evolution, plain ignorance or miseducation by our political figureheads on either side of the aisle damaging our economic prospects, we engage in unending solipsistic consumerism, eating too many mac-and-cheese versions of societal want, demonstrably leading to a steadily coagulating blood flow and a weakening of the veins of human need.

Nature’s gameplay

We must stop skimming the surface of life and look under-the-hood to prevent the popular vote from violating the gameplay nature has bestowed on us.

Nature does not care what we want or how long we live. To put that in perspective: of all the major species ever lived, the most intelligent species, humanity, is on a trajectory to live the shortest. Living about sixteen times shorter than a common fly species. Let that sink in.

We live on a small particle of sand on a beach the size of one hundred-billion stars to the power of four-hundred billion galaxies evolving as a mere variation of nature’s theme. It is time to recognize our place in nature and use our intelligence, not to take advantage of ourselves, but to discover the clues nature leaves behind for us to follow.

So, we must begin to design better systems, a novel concept, embedding nature’s theory guided by its principles, we now know quite a bit about, to drive the desired evolutionary prospects for humanity from a deliberate selection of input. The kind of input the ever-expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity can provide, if we take new approaches to sourcing it from where it is systematically numbed, discarded, or ignored today.


Just imagine where we would have been by now if we had not lied to ourselves consistently and paid more attention to the truth dictated by nature.

  • Imagine a gameplan for humanity that adheres to the gameplay of nature to continually adapt to nature.
  • Imagine a definition of a system before the expected outcomes and trust of the said system can be inferred.
  • Imagine a government aware of its responsibility to define the name of the game, not to become a player in the game. With the new focus of government continually optimizing its systems rather than attempting to bandaid undesirable symptoms.
  • Imagine finance eleven times the size of production (in the U.S) no longer chasing its own tail, and investing in the infinite regression of an index-of-self, but instead expanding the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity, producing consistent returns commensurate with the nature of the assets.
  • Imagine defining freedom before we assign the moniker to every opaque enslavement of ourselves we can muster. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” — Goethe
  • Imagine establishing paradoxical rules to freedom, before any “game” presupposing such, that help build trust in our collective freedom.
  • Imagine paying attention to nature’s entropy dictating one can only go from cause to consequence, not the other way around. As in an animate marketplace as the cause leading to an inanimate market as a consequence.
  • Imagine not relying on a voodoo-science of economics that systemically confounds cause and consequence, leading to institutionalized grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche) upon which world-leaders hitch their wagons.
  • Imagine the trust in money protected by the value of goods and services rendered, geared to improve human adaptability only.
  • Imagine a world where producing evolutionary value for humanity is rated higher than nebulous valuations sold to greater-fools.
  • Imagine establishing an evolutionary meritocracy that discourages and punishes companies from building products that harm the evolutionary integrity of humanity.

For too long have we relied on homegrown constructs in violation of the principles of nature. And the day of reckoning is getting closer, with the impending coronavirus demonstrating our house of cards is falling apart, widening the fissures in our foundational constructs.

Despite having traversed down the wrong rabbit hole for way too long, we can still change, if we care a whole awful lot.

I saw the danger looming ten years ago, and took action, by reinventing the operating-system of humanity, not by deploying another degree of oligarchic control, but by following our best-known proxy of the rules of nature.

Ride or die

My point is simple, nature controls us, and it is about time we implement the principles of nature, I discovered based on close observation of nature I will demonstrate to you. We must begin to point the vector of human development in nature’s direction for a change and be much better prepared for the entropy nature will continue to throw our way.

Photo courtesy of the late Mark Heliger, a great photographer I employed at LightCrafts, taken in his favorite spot, Yosemite.

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