Nature Controls Us

In dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID19), we all are forced to recognize that nature controls how humanity survives the test of time. In the long run, that is not the strength of “our economy,” nor the amount of money in our bank accounts, nor the state of the healthcare system, and not even our intelligence matters.

The only thing that truly matters to human evolution is the strength of our individual immune systems to get us through possible contamination. The strength of our evolutionary excellence is predicated on the health of our predecessors, and during our short life on earth, adapting to the curve balls nature’s entropy throws our way.

Time For Change

Indeed, our current manmade constructs, we cannot call them systems, sold to the rest of the world as human excellence provide nothing of the sort, as I have explained extensively in my past 1,270 articles on policy, capital, and innovation.

When we do not build systems to strengthen human renewal, we weaken humanity at an accelerated pace. Human solipsism has put us on a driftwood life-raft flowing aimlessly downstream an anthropogenic cascade.

Let me remind you, more than 70% of people in the wealthiest country in the world, the United States of America, are chronically dependent, err addicted, to prescription drugs, the vast majority on anti-depressants.

That means about 240 million people in this beautiful country walk around with a weakened immune system, in a heightened state of danger, vulnerable to any disease or virus that comes their way. The state of our healthcare system, the envy of the world, is well adapted to curate and monetize the cascading effects of our ignorance to wellness, the avoidance of chronic care.

Systems Over Symptoms

The problem is not the symptoms of our evolutionary weakness but the systems causing those symptoms to occur on such a massive scale. An ounce of prevention is worth a punt of cure. We must wake up from the blissful ignorance of nature’s reality and use the current threat and ballooning impact of the Coronavirus as a warning sign and the impetus to finally change the name and incentives of our humanitarian game.

Not our symptoms but our systems are broken.  — Georges van Hoegaerden

The very systems that should have defined and incentivized us to take care of human excellence and wellness.

We must fundamentally change our solipsistic policy, capital, and innovation constructs that neither reference nor infer any correlation to nature’s rule. For the first time, our constructs must be turned into real systems – all subjugating to nature’s rule, with all of human ingenuity and capacity geared towards improving human adaptability to nature and monetary incentives to match.

And once we change the name of our humanitarian game, the players, adhering to the newly established rewards of the game, will follow.

The Rule Of Nature

Sounds logical. For humanity to exist as long as humanly possible, we must adhere to nature’s gameplay supplying us with the regenerative resources to survive. All humanity needs to do is pay very close attention and adapt to nature.

Clues about nature’s workings humanity have yet to incorporate into the way we build the operating systems for humanity. Luckily, science, as the study of nature in the words of Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman, has provided us with innumerable clues about how nature works. Let me give you one glaring example.

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein discovered, by watching how the position of stars changed during a solar eclipse, that the universe, including everything on our planet, revolves around a theory of general relativity.

So, we must ask ourselves the poignant question: why, over one-hundred years, have none of the systems we built, supposedly designed to manage the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity, changed to embed the theory of relativity?

Why do we believe the innate round-world of dynamic relativity of humanity can be modeled with stale flat-world constructs of totalitarian absolutisms? We should not be surprised humanity has not adapted very well to nature, and worse, it is developing human adaptability in all the wrong directions.

And be ready for resistance, as to the worshippers of oligarchic absolutism relativity is an out-of-body illusion.

The Theory Determines

As in any field, science is not immune to charlatans deflating its integrity. And to listen to anybody who claims to be a scientist is as valid as listening to any person who puts reverend in front of their name. Neither is endowed with special privileges.

But to ignore the expertise of Albert Einstein only serves an oligarchy maintaining its preordained power over others. Unchallengable totalitarian monisms of absolutism deflate the recognition of outliers needed to discover new normalizations of truth required to preempt and adjust to the challenges nature throws our way.

The theory determines what can be discovered. — Albert Einstein

From studying the systems of policy, capital, and innovation over the last ten years, we saw the threat coming, and we began to develop the theory of human relativity to convert our failing constructs into systems of excellence that will move humanity into a new era of refined adaptability to nature and improve our survival as a species.

Sign up and learn how we can build better systems of humanity to adapt to nature continually. We do so, not with a new manmade spin of dogmatic or self-serving make-believe but by simply adhering and deploying our ever-improving understanding of nature’s first-principles. You are welcome.

Let the Coronavirus be the last warning humanity needs to clean up its act.

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