How Dare You?

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I am using the phrase from Greta Thunberg in the title of this article to emphasize not to stare blindly at the undesirable symptoms as a consequence but how the cause, the constructs that produce undesirable consequences, need adjusting. Or else, new undesirable consequences will keep popping up.

Only a new normalization of truth identifying cause can systematically erase the undesirable consequences humanity created for itself.


Shame On You

So, I am imagining Greta 2.0, having moved from activist to systems-thinker, saying the following to world leaders.

How dare you: call the feeble constructs we build systems when neither its theory nor the selection of input converting to the desired output is defined, and thus no predictability of outcome can be inferred.

How dare you: hold on to a U.S. constitution some 250-years old in which individual rights to freedom are lavishly doled out, yet no obligations to preserve our collective freedom and evolutionary goals are defined.

How dare you: allow a runaway train of finance, now eleven times the size of production, to arbitrate the expansion of human ingenuity with lazy laissez-faire legislation.

How dare you: morph politics into a communal cesspool bathed in by money-hungry politicians and donors who have anything but our collective or evolutionary interests of humanity in mind.

How dare you: promulgate the excellence of democracy, when the coagulating wants of humanity diverge significantly from our humanitarian needs as an animal species depending on continual adaptation to a dynamic equilibrium with nature.

How dare you: ignore the evolutionary needs of humanity to which all manmade systems must subjugate to produce regenerative human excellence.

How dare you: vouch for the separation of church and state that wakes a country up from the sleep of reason, and subsequently swear people in, to tell the truth and nothing but the truth with a reference to “so help me God”. Or hire chaplains to begin the morning senate sessions.

How dare you: preach about how the next generation is so important to you when 25% of children in the US are on public school supported food programs with teachers buying pencils for students from their meager salary.

How dare you: ignore that 60% of the American population live on $40K or less per year with less than $400 in savings that leave them pining for the American Dream that never materialized, while they sink deeper into debt.

How dare you: allow technology companies to deploy totalitarian monisms of absolutism incompatible with the dynamic plurality of nation-state sovereignties and the innate state of humanity.

How dare you: allow technology companies to regulate the behavior of their customers in denial of legislative or constitutional precedent.

How dare you: force our children to submit to education that does nothing to prepare them for the real world in which our aging theories and methods have already died on the vine of relevance.

How dare you: preach to the world the excellence of humanity is derived from our commonalities when the evolution of any species is predicated on the minute but crucial composition of our diversity.

How dare you: reduce the science budget by $9 billion when a better understanding of nature’s truth and entropy to which we are subjugated is all we have to adapt to nature’s irrefutable impact on humanity.

How dare you: ignore the difference between cause and consequence that forces you to maintain reams of legislation as the rebel without an evolutionary cause.

Trust me, I can go on.


Systems Of Change

It is time for change, indeed. But we need to induce change to our systems, not be mired down into the morass of undesirable symptoms. Without a fundamental change to our systems, we will keep producing undesirable symptoms no amount of Gretas in this world can fight.

Only a new system, correlated to the discovery of nature’s first-principles, can systematically prevent undesirable symptoms from occurring.

So, I invite world-leaders to come back to school here. Not a school that teaches more manmade and self-serving dogmas, but for the first time ever, teaches everyone about the first-principles of nature to which we are, and always will be, subjugated.



The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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