The Diversity Debacle

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

The most likely reason why the smartest animal on the planet, counted by the largest amount of cognitive neurons in our brain, is bound to live the shortest of all major species is because of the dumb constructs of humanity we continue to build. Supposed systems that, instead of propelling humanity’s adaptability forward, lead to the manufactured navel-staring of manmade stupidity.

Evolution Of Dummies

Systems that are not only in blatant violation of the first-principles of nature (we teach here), but systems generously dipped in the confounding of consequence and cause, leading to grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche). Bad outcomes must be expected from the ill-fated conversion of a symptom into a system, as I will explain in the context of diversity shortly.

The fractal expansion of human adaptability is systematically endangered by such widespread confounding, leading to an anthropogenic cascade tossing humanity’s most precious evolutionary asset, our intelligence, in the trash.

But, let me not digress into evolutionary relevance, a subject hard to swallow for folks interested in the mere survival of self. So, let me reign in the pursuit of diversity to the timeline of the current generation.

Don’t Be Like Mike, Be Yourself

Diversity is a sensitive subject these days, not in the least placidly endorsed by former President Barack Obama, who I stood on the lawn for during his inauguration in Washington (thank not Dianne Feinstein) as the first seemingly intelligent President in my prescient lifetime, who happened to be black.

While Barack did a fantastic job of saving “the economy” from the multigenerational wrath of failed economic religions and constructs, he too confounded symptoms with systems increasing the public’s depravity of diversity. In addressing the alleged police brutality crimes, he too suggested that the exposure of symptoms will magically fix the systems. 

Nothing will fundamentally change for the better when you attempt to infer causation from undesirable consequences. As per nature’s entropy, only an unprecedented and higher normalization of cause leads to new consequences.

Barack was also simply wrong in assuming the proclaimed symptoms were disproportionate to the merit of fact. At the time, according to police officials in New York City, for example, 90% of crimes in the city were committed by black people against black people and thus exposing a disproportionate amount of alleged brutality by police officers, many of who are by the way black, of the black community. 

I will never forget the despair of a police officer explaining the ludricacy of the black apologists more worried about the treatment of black thugs after their gun battle had allegedly killed a two-year-old black baby chilling with her mother on the porch. Nobody from the cavalry of cheap journalists bothered to cover the baby’s death or the mother’s grievance.

According to a survey, most police officers are afraid to lose their life. Not surprising when you are supposed to reign in gun-slinging criminals who are not afraid to snuff your lights out at a moment’s notice. Especially hard when the leaders, way up above, are more concerned about addressing undesirable symptoms than fixing the flawed systems of human excellence that perpetuate the symptoms.

Being a President is hard, too; you have to be more than just a great orator or a community organizer. You must have the guts the reinvent and renormalize the foundational governmental precepts, with an ounce of prevention delivering a pound of cure, in building the great nation of diversity we must envision.

Diversity Is Crucial

Diversity is essential in building the regenerative capacity of any nation. Not because I say so, a President believes so, or non-whites say so, but because nature dictates diversity is key to the evolution of humanity. 

In fact, the evolution of any species depends not on the coagulating commonalities between members of the species but on the small yet meaningful differences between members that prove to yield enhanced adaptability to nature’s unrelenting entropy. 

We have learned that lesson from the composition of our DNA. More than 99.99% of the human DNA is the same; the unique sampling of 0.01% of our DNA is responsible for why humans all act, think, look and evolve differently. Meaning the value of our differences is way more important than the value of commonalities.

As a President or a government leader, think about that disparity when you are responsible for building systems of human excellence. All of today’s operating systems of humanity have been built to promote the value of our commonalities, fundamentally incompatible with the way nature evaluates human adaptability—a problem we must and can fix. 

Nature’s law cannot be suspended or ignored. Diversity, of any kind, is paramount to the evolution of any species, including humanity, and is dictated by nature’s first-principles. Now it is up to us to curate the causal merit evaluating the diversity to each his own. 

Manufactured Diversity

However, the value, timing, and importance of diversity cannot be fabricated, for diversity itself is a consequence of the irrefutable evolutionary meritocracy as its cause. 

By now, having dutifully read the previous paragraphs, you should have gathered one cannot infer causation from consequence. So, giving artificial advantage, or worse, unthinkable reparations, to disadvantaged minorities will not improve the evolutionary merit of a society’s regenerative, evolutionary capacity. 

Martin Luther King (MLK) understood and preached the need for integration. He openly disdained any artificial segregation, the reason why he garnered the support of important white people to cement his case. Artificial segregation, decoupled from evolutionary merit, has after his passing impregnated our society again, sadly bolstered by a black President who heard the bell of MLK’s church ring but did not know where the sound came from, so to speak. 

While entertaining at times, Black Entertainment Television literally dances on the grave of MLK’s hard-fought preachings, blissfully ignoring segregation is the death of a nation. The state of California now mandating corporate boards must have at least one female board member promulgates the growth of the same virus of artificial segregation. Large private equity firms now saying they will not invest in companies with no females as board members are equally engrossed in the grave depravity of reason stemming from confounding of consequence and cause.

Fools Not Saviors

In a system that evaluates people solely on their evolutionary merit, no artificial adjustments are needed to reap the enormous regenerative benefits of diversity. The want to give an artificial advantage to the disadvantaged delivers proof the systems of humanity we have deployed are seriously broken. To compensate for those systems with artificial bandaids is apart from the depravity of diversity described above, also destructive to humanity. 

Let me give you two light-hearted examples. 

Do you really think the performance of, say, male runners in the 100-meter Olympic sprint and the propensity for shattering world records would improve when instead of letting their innate merit qualify, I would demand the composition of runners to be, say, half white and half none-white? Or what would you think of me, demanding that the composition of players in an NBA basketball game represent the proportional distribution of race of the state they represent. Do you really think that would improve the quality of the game and make it worthwhile watching?

Again, you can see how the composition of evolutionary merit defines the value of diversity, in that order, as the only way to achieve the best results.

Last but not least, I want to point you to the 13-minute opening salvo of Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald talking at Harvard, explaining in no uncertain terms how companies like Apple and prominent universities fall flat on their face by deploying the depravity of diversity. The graduation rates are negatively affected by the artificial composition of the diversity of students, not unlike my examples. 

New Normal

We must reinvent the operating systems of humanity to adhere to the first-principles of nature that define and dictate the regenerative capacity of humanity.

The theory, in the words of Albert Einstein, determines what can be discovered. And it is high time we improve the human theory to comport with nature’s, so we find out what diversity of merit – improving human adaptability – is truly worth fighting for. 

I rest my case.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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