The Future Can Be Better Than Our Past

We, humans, have an interesting evolutionary challenge. As the most intelligent animal ever lived, we are currently on a trajectory to live the shortest, our demise accelerated by our evolutionary ignorance—a situation I find hard to accept and cannot ignore for the sake of the next generations.

Environmental Change Is A Constant

It appears a dreadful challenge that surfaces when we realize the resources, climate, and environment upon which we depend are continually changing, to which humanity must find new ways to adapt. A challenge made more manageable by utilizing human intellect, the kind of intellect not granted to other animals. An intelligence that makes some of us – not those closely resembling other animals – painfully aware of the seeming enormity and complexity of the challenge. 

Humanity’s problems are not insurmountable; we just let them slide downhill for too long, with the undesirable consequences piling up a wall of trash that prevents us from discovering causation. I climbed that wall. 

Our universe is subjugated to nature’s irreversible entropy, derived from the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago and responsible for ever-depleting energy in our universe and here on Earth. Thankfully, we are pattern-seeking animals with the cognitive ability to predict specific events before they happen, allowing us to proactively prolong the life span of our species on Earth.

Put Intelligence To Work

We have a lot to prove, though. Compared to other major species, humanoids, depending on your definition, emerged as recently as some 200,000 years ago. As the most intelligent species on the planet, we must survive for millions of years to prove we can outlive a common fly. We must prove human intelligence, as our most precious asset, allows us to continually improve human adaptability to the environment upon which we depend for resources. We can if we are smart about it.  

Most animals on our planet are entirely unaware of the impending challenges determining the longevity of their species. Beyond the brutal challenges of their survival, they live their lives guided by evolutionary optimization in an ever-changing world. Ignorance from fewer cognitive neurons is the bliss that makes them ruthless and fearless in facing their adversaries. 

Evolution prolongs the lifespan of any species through an evolutionary meritocracy by eliminating the members of the species that do not adapt quickly and granting life and reproductive rights to those who do. When none of the members within the species manage to adapt, and reproduction becomes impossible, the species goes extinct.

I have heard it said that 99% of animals ever-lived have already gone extinct; not an off-the-wall statement, considering a giant meteor blew big holes in the earth, darkened the skies, and blew poisonous gasses worldwide. An event we now believe destroyed the dinosaurs in one-fell-swoop, and on a more positive note, gave rise to us humanoids, who would have had a difficult time surviving with dinosaurs around.

Death gives birth, is the regenerative evolutionary principle of everything in nature.

The fear-mongering of extinction loses even more relevance when the vast majority of biomass on earth is not human but belongs, in many cases, to animals we know absolutely nothing about. That includes bacteria and animals in deep oceans never exposed to our purview. Furthermore, the extinction of individual animals is not necessarily a bad thing for nature, nor a sign of adverse development, as the highlighted statement above points out.

No need to be scared, but no need to be complacent either. We must develop the excellence of our innate evolutionary advantages.

Dare To Be Different 

The longevity of any species is defined by the tiny yet meaningful differences within the species leading to improved adaptability, thus determining the lifespan of the species as a whole. All members of a species look and behave slightly differently, which either enhances or diminishes the adaptability to the environment upon which they depend. 

The expansion of life on earth is best imagined and visualized by a fractal, to each species his own, with the recursive entropy of a seemingly unorganized state obfuscating the organized state from which its evolution was derived. We do not know the “formula” of evolution, but thanks to the curiosity of great observers, we have learned a lot about nature’s guiding principles; its gameplay rules.

The concept of understanding the rules of nature’s gameplay without understanding its formula is akin to being able to use cameras to capture light without fully understanding what light actually is. The notion that light operates both as a particle and a wave does not stop us from developing valuable observations from the principles of each. Humanity has benefitted dramatically from a much better understanding of the principle behavior of light than the wait for the absolutism of understanding would prevent, or a pretense of understanding would make us believe. 

Authoritarian Ignorance

The intellectual advantage granted to the human species is abused by a grand-scale pretense of knowing by self-anointed authoritarians and by a stubborn denial of what we have learned from nature, proving make-believe wrong. Sustainability incompatible with the regenerative principles of nature, preached by 42% of institutional investors, is an evolutionary oxymoron, as it does not exist anywhere in our universe; its disciples of innovation arbitrage are now expanding the fractal of human ingenuity in all the wrong directions.

One-hundred years ago, Einstein discovered how everything in our universe revolves around a plurality of interdependent, hierarchical relativity theories from observing a solar eclipse. A mouthful but relatively easy to implement. And yet still today, all our manmade systems are stale monisms of absolutism fundamentally unable to accurately capture, support, and promote the nature of the assets to which those systems are applied. Our manmade systems hold the dynamic expansion of humanity hostage with flat-world systems soiling our round world of relativity.

Inmates Running The Asylum

On top of that, we deploy and reward a vile-maxim, all for me and nothing for anyone else, to members of the human species seeking to dominate others, with the spoon-feeding of freedom as grandiose remuneration. An inter-species dominance omnipresent in the animal world guided by nature, but quite out of order with the intelligent collaboration and preservation of collective interests that made us emerge as the only humanoid still alive. And worse, oligarchic control incompatible with the evolutionary meritocracy bestowed upon us by nature causes an accelerated anthropogenic cascade as an inevitable consequence.

Comparing the principles of nature’s gameplay with human gameplay reveals the gravitas of manmade dysfunction.

Human gameplay is misguided by stale monisms of absolutism fundamentally incompatible with the dynamic relativity of nature’s gameplay. Human gameplay rewards conformance, while nature’s gameplay rewards differences. Nature’s gameplay relies on dynamic meritocracies, while human constructs coagulate around stale and controlling oligarchies. Human gameplay relies on the depravity of reason in economics, stemming from the confounding of consequence and cause. In contrast, the gameplay of nature depends on self-governing rules that allow the best players to flourish.

Must I go on?

The World We Deserve

Indeed, human gameplay is woefully out-of-sync with nature’s evolutionary gameplay, causing increasing conflict with all things nature. The answer to improving our environment and, thus, human longevity is, thanks to my unrelenting eight-year search for root-causal principles, surprisingly uncomplicated.

We must apply our best understanding of evolutionary gameplay to human gameplay. And instead of trying to mother nature, subjugate to the principles of nature and pay close attention to how nature mothers us. And when we play the same game as mother nature serving our evolutionary objectives, all of life, including ours, will improve dramatically.

Adherence to nature’s first principles will make our future better than our past. All we need now is the will to change

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