Climate Change Is No Hoax

I was listening to an exchange between renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss in which Lawrence loudly proclaimed Climate Change is not a hoax.


Truth, By Proxy

I agree completely, convinced by empirical evidence of short combined with impressive statistical evidence from deep arctic-ice measurements of long. But even if you do not believe in statistical evidence, an understanding of our cosmos should wake you up. 

We live on the fallout, a grain of sand relatively speaking, from the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago, moving its 100 billion swirling fragments, stars like our sun surrounded by planets, per 400 billion swirling galaxies full of black holes and dark matter, at the speed of light into convulsions of ever-depleting energy.

A similar degree of complexity repeats itself on earth, with ever-changing, and by nature’s entropy, depleting resources. Nature’s hierarchical relativity produces an enormous complexity of change, by default. The antithesis of stasis.


Change, like Climate Change, is the only constant

The mere detection of Climate Change cannot be confounded with a comprehension of why it happens, despite the newborn priests of Climate Change religions pretending they can. The laws of nature, specifical entropy, dictate no causation can be inferred from the mere discovery of consequences. 

The confounding of consequence and cause in Climate Change, in the words of Nietzsche, yields the grave depravity of reason that numbs, nullifies, and destroys the value of human intelligence.

And then there is this:

Just because you understand the material does not mean you understand the interaction between the materials. — Richard Feynman

The greenwashing of undesirable consequences of Climate Change pretends to address causation when, in reality, they don’t. In the same way, putting bandaids on the wounds of a cancer patient does not affect the raging disease. 

As a result of the aforementioned confounding, the search for a higher normalization of evolutionary truth is abandoned, as witnessed by Donald Trump dramatically reducing our national science budget.

A really dumb move, demonstrating Trump cannot distinguish pseudoscience from real science and does not comprehend the importance of new normalizations of truth and their impact to dramatically improve human adaptability to nature.


History Repeats

Humanity has been in the same predicament numerous times in history, with our unverifiable dogmas as the ball-and-chain to human excellence.

When we cannot figure out what happens with nature, humanity is prone to make up some glorious stories. For we are pattern-seeking animals. Newly emerging “experts”, or pseudo-scientists, are now selling their moral and spiritual snake-oil to greater-fool recipients, in return for money and fame, of course.

The Mayans self-destructed for similar reasons. They threw their living newborn children into deep wells, simply because they believed that would make the weather gods induce rain. I can talk about many other historical and present human hallucinations doing severe damage to human evolution.

We have and still do some astoundingly dumb things to pretend to know what we do not, and cannot, given our growing yet limited understanding of nature.


The Sleep of Reason

We don’t know why Climate Change is occurring, is the real answer we owe ourselves. And admitting what we do not know is the impetus of discovery, eventually leading to a new normalization of evolutionary truth, as the newfound cause that wipes our aging dogmas away. 

Pretending to know is the sleep of reason.

The hibernation of human reason is a baffling 42% of institutional investors proudly building a financial sector eleven times the size of production as a contribution to U.S. GDP, hoping new sustainable investment strategies, like ESG, counter the spiral of dwindling returns. All when nothing in the universe is sustainable. Human idiocracy at its finest.

Worse than a mere sleep, such financial arbitrage subsequently selects and spawns, by the thesis that determines what can be discovered (Einstein), the kind of innovation equally incompatible with nature, thus inducing an accelerated incompatibility between humanity and nature. 


I Care An Awful Lot

Indeed, the evolutionary lie of sustainability takes our eye off the ball and accelerates an anthropogenic cascade. The reason why I must declare war on it. 

Without the discovery of meaningful new evolutionary normalizations on hand to comprehend why climate change occurs, our best bet is to acknowledge it is happening, and maximize our intelligence to demonstrate how to adapt. We must build new operating-systems of humanity that improve and reward our adaptability to nature, systematically.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. — Dr. Seuss

A need I saw coming. Dr. Seuss’ – whole awful lot – amounting to the last eight years of my life, from which anyone in policy, capital, and innovation can immediately benefit.


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