Apple’s Time Remaining

When you use all Apple products for business, the mediocrity that creeps into Apple’s software, much of it running at the end of its evolutionary rope, is starting to affect the bottom-line of your performance.

Trying to figure out, with my ISP, why our website management console wasn’t loading for about one hour, appeared to be a malfunction in the off-the-shelf MacBook I am using. A restart of the whole computer resolved the issue instantly, which appeared to be a local abnormality with my computer only; everyone else on the network is fine. Why does a computer running an operating system older than many children still have such serious problems connecting to the internet?

Do you really want me to answer that? I have previously, in excruciating detail. And I just do not have the interest or time to keep highlighting the death by a thousand cuts, paused only by the entrapment of greater-fools, that plagues Apple.

Apple is rotating engineers around, losing the thread of excellence that makes each product as best as it could or should be. Too many products, too many versions, most on a dead-end street of suboptimization. Yep, you can see from the products a company makes where it goes awry, its history repeating itself. Just like the image of the recent install of the operating-system shows, Apple can no longer compute how much time is remaining. And neither can I when it comes to using Apple products.

I am getting tired of Apple’s lousy software quality, bad hardware quality, and dumb design putting a cramp on my style.


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