Al Gore’s Allegory Of A Sustainable Climate

When you are inclined to read this article with the expectation I am making a political statement, or I am promoting a stance against the need to take care of our planet, stop right here, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Nature does not lend credence to our silly political strife, nor do I. Instead, this diatribe is against those who, from undesirable consequences, attempt to sell the public a medicine of causation nature proves to be false. We cannot afford, under the pretense of doing good, to propel humanity into further evolutionary incompatibility. Al Gore happens to be the priest of yet another manmade religion, of which there are all too many.

Without further ado.

On Winning

“We are going to win this thing,” is what Al Gore said in a 2016 TED Talk when talking about climate change, an incredibly naive statement of absolutism suggesting an environmental stasis that is winnable. Reality is, humanity, and all other species on earth, are engaged in an evolutionary losing struggle induced by the cosmological entropy of our planet. 

The prolonging of human life on earth can only be extended by the adaptability of humans to nature. Perhaps why, just last week during the United Nations pilgrimage in New York, Al subtly reduced his fiery proclamation from winning to creating a “more sustainable environment”. The ploy of unsustainable sustainability appearing to dawn even on Al. 

These pseudo-leadership declarations of winning games, like “Mission Accomplished” by George W. Bush, uttered by politicians with no idea what they are talking about reminds me of the fight against cancer, assigned to Joe Biden by former President Barack Obama wrapping up his last term in office.

An assignment completely ignorant of the fact that cancer is an easy-peasy suite-case term for many completely different diseases of accelerated cell replication. Their individual causations, as we learned from top cancer scientists in the world, as different as birds are to humans. You lose all credibility when you accept and lead the charge of such a misinformed normalization of truth and then sell that to an innocent yet hopeful public, with unsurprisingly, no real progress to show for.

Biden out.

Evolution Calls

This is the crazy world we live in: all the advances of understanding are used only to continue the nonsense which has existed for 2,000 years. — Richard Feynman

The incredible advances of understanding of nature from renowned scientists like Feynman and Einstein are generally ignored when it comes to how humanity should adapt to nature. Just last week, I had a university professor in a comment to my blog proclaim Einstein to be a fraud, without sound substantiation, making abundantly clear not everyone in society should have a voice, let alone be allowed to teach the next generation. I now know what university I will not be sending my daughter.

The crazy world we have created for ourselves is also evident by not a single legislator I met on the Hill, capable of defining the universally understood concept of freedom upon which our 250-year-old Constitution and the ethos of our regenerative economy is supposed to be based. How do you vote for the supposed leaders of our country who across the board do not understand the needs of our evolutionary game made regenerative by freedom?

Pretense Of Knowing

Similar to Biden’s aforementioned cancer assignment, how can Al suggest to “win” climate change when the change to our environment is in constant flux, courtesy of the evolutionary and cosmological changes our planet goes through, and undoubtedly, not helped by the wasteful footprint of some pretty selfish human-beings? 

The changes to Earth’s climate are as complex and poorly understood as the many forms of cancer plaguing us. So, how does one describe a doctor who today proclaims to have found a cure to all? A snake-oil salesman would be the most lambasting descriptor, a fervent placebo distributor the least.

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. — Richard Feynman

Al’s gloating overreach appears a repetition of his proclamation of inventing the internet, not quite realizing the credit of scoring goals in a game of soccer belongs to the players, not the referee of the game. He is now posturing to be duly informed by scientists, their role in the climate change debate relegated to acting as statisticians of consequence, rebels without new normalizations of cause only a few masters of science were able to discover.

Not all scientists are created equal.

Holding On

Politicians are relegated to hitch their wagons onto anything that moves to preserve a fleeting constituency, and they listen to anyone claiming to be a scientist. As if a democracy of scientists has ever delivered anything of meaningful upstream value.

Pretending to improve climate change is the cheap karma that can make anyone look good in the eyes of the innocent, in the same way, Bernie Madoff buying art while filling his pockets with other people’s money made him look good – until the truth surfaced.

Real leadership, everyone talks about, comes from the daring attachment to an unprecedented and higher normalization of truth, upstream, thereby offering new ways to deploy human excellence. 

Politicians like Al, who parlayed their political stature into hanging on to lucrative businesses, have a lot to prove. No more than roughly 16% of the American people deem any of our last Presidents to be capable of representing them, as I have explained ad nauseam before.

Hence, no American President elected today truly represents the democratic majority of its people. In the same way, people have stopped watching television and flee to the internet for information, not because the integrity of content on television laced with advertising propaganda persuaded them otherwise.

Absentia Democracy

People who abstain from voting, some 70% of the US population, have also turned off the proverbial television of our democratic process.

So, be careful when you confound the opinion of a US President with the opinion of the American people, you are bound to mischaracterize who the American people are. The current voters are merely the last of the Mohicans mindlessly perpetuating the socialism of human wants in dire need of replacement by a meritocracy tuned to evolutionary needs.

Thankfully, the majority of the American people know our democracy does not pass the smell test of evolutionary integrity and have voted already, in absentia. 

Politicians, like Al, therefore have a whole lot to prove. They must prove that they – for once – really understand the issues, stop selling make-believe, and can dutifully represent the evolution of humanity. The opposite is apparent when watching the mind-numbing interrogations of the private sector by Congress.

Even as the SEC regulator publicly in a damning speech shot down the foundational precepts of sustainable finance promulgated by ESG last month, the bill of its disclosure passed through the chambers undisturbed. Not even the SEC believes in the conjecture of sustainability.

Nothing appears to influence the foregone collusion of politicians vying to stay in office.

Soiling Our Planet

Al hailed the Paris accord in 2016, while its biggest and most vocal proponents, France and Germany, have since failed to deliver on the promises they made there.

The global fossil fuel emissions remain relatively undeterred by the rhetoric and the stampede of hordes of passionate activists. Europe is doing worse than the United States in keeping its promises and keeping pollution at bay, precisely where the European Union should have delivered transformative value. Amidst all that, the ozone hole in our atmosphere appears to be closing. We have no idea why, but we know it is not because of our concerted action.

The problem with humanity is that we are too full of ourselves; we pretend to know when we don’t. We mother the world and everything around us in remarkable ignorance of nature’s complex dependencies, relativity, and realities. 

First, we unapologetically soil our planet and muffle the undesirable consequences under the rug — all without serious consideration of what promulgates such consequences in the first place. We become the expert of concocting endless remedies to ballooning undesirable effects, without doing the hard work of identifying the real cause: the need to take ourselves on.

None of our current operating-systems for humanity deploy principles, rules, and objectives in support of nature’s law. What can possibly go wrong?

Toss Morality

Human solipsism makes us steadfastly ignore the meritocracy we are ultimately subjugated to. A meritocracy that derives the longevity of the human species from the state of our surroundings. Hence, it is pertinent for humanity to keep our collective house in order, and how we keep it clean matters. We must develop a systemic solution to human change, not rely on the whims of elective morality that defers to the most popular tool of white-washing consequences. 

As parents, we all know the appeal to our children’s elective morality to keep their room clean, on the whole, does not stick. Not until we have established that without a clean room, there will be no outings with friends. 

The desired behavior of how we subjugate to nature must be enforced by a system that establishes, regulates, and enforces its rules, with repercussions when the rules are not followed. Just like a game of soccer relies on the establishment, regulation, and enforcement of its rules to yield the expected gameplay, and not turn into free-wheeling rugby instead.

Recursive Authoritarianism

Self-anointed authoritarians like Al Gore can easily persuade a proverbial church full of innocent and well-meaning audience members, as easy as it would be to explain to children why and how a tidy room improves quality of life and peace of mind. Until those children return home from that gleeful experience, and reality paves their way again.

Trust me; there are not enough churches in the world to fit all the self-proclaimed believers in climate change who then soil it when they return home.  

Every environmentalist known to man, and now even financiers with no knowledge of evolutionary biology, stirred by disturbing environmental consequences, jumps on the bandwagon of sustainability, to persuade and make money from the appeal to the low-hanging fruits of morality.

A new manmade religion is born, all while sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe, and the churches of make-believe are filling up their donation hats fast. Yet sustainability is a fool’s errand.

Stop Pretending

We must treat our planet well, and our past behavior has been ignorant, deplorable, and evolutionary self-defeating. We have no more time to keep selling ourselves another religion filled with evolutionary placebos that, under the pretense of cheap positivity, destroy our planet even further. 

We must develop and agree upon our best normalization of the challenges facing humanity before we attempt to solve the undesirable consequences of our past ignorance, with a system that determines the more responsible human gameplay we must enforce. Selling an evolutionary placebo does not float my boat, nor should it yours if you care about your offspring.

Exploding Entropy

Our universe is the scattered fallout from the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago producing 400 billion galaxies, each containing about 100 billion nuclear fire-balls like our sun, some with planets like earth surrounding them. Cosmologists refer to this phenomenon as entropy, an organized state exploding into an irreversible unorganized state. An evolving process of ever-declining availability of energy and extinction rather than improvement and growth. We live on a tiny fragment of that explosion, spinning and moving – at the speed of light – along with the other fragments. 

The context and comprehension of our cosmological state are crucial in predicting how everything on our planet evolves, when, and why. First, sustainability of the infinite form does not exist anywhere in the universe and thus is an evolutionary oxymoron. Second, a variable proxy of sustainability constrained by time turns out to be a mere temporal consequence of nature’s renewal at its cause.

Sustainability constrained by time is, therefore, not only a contradiction in terms but also grave depravity of reason.

Make-believe Personified

The focus on sustainability is the grave depravity of reason stemming from the confounding of consequence and cause Al Gore keeps promulgating with deservedly deflating confidence. The prolonging of the human species on earth cannot be correlated to the false presumption of sustainability but must instead be based on entirely different principles that determine the regenerative adaptability of the human species to nature.

The systems and processes required to promote the quality of human renewal in tune with nature are fundamentally different from the sustainable processes conjured up by the manmade suppositions of make-believe. 

Manmade manacles of absolutism portrayed by sustainability must be swapped out by relativity theories of renewal, the ones guiding the development of our universe as Albert Einstein discovered one hundred years ago. Manmade oligarchic controls must be unleashed by newfound freedom of freedom (its objectives established by paradoxical rules) to produce a dynamically evolving meritocracy in tune with nature. And then some.

New Operating-System

I lay out the most prominent rules of nature in my narration of The State of Humanity, and detail the implementation for specific target groups in my masterclasses.

Thankfully, nature demonstrates, in excruciating detail, its proven and guiding principles, deployed on earth for the last 4.5 billion years, and you can detect them too if, like Albert Einstein, you know how to pay close attention to nature. 

The principles of my new operating-system for humanity designed to solve the root cause of our conflicts with nature are not at all mine; they are “merely” a reflection of nature’s principles, rolled up into the same interconnected hierarchy by which nature operates — nature’s laws as the only principles that count.

Partisan Influence

As with his Presidential run, Al Gore appears again unable to use his chops and reputation as a Senator and Vice President to influence the policy-maker peers he worked with for many years.

Which makes one wonder, how come a person with all the connections in the world cannot make substantial change happen? 

Could it be the quality of Al’s message does not motivate the audience of his distribution? Could it be the mere recognition of undesirable climate change consequences, displayed in impressive charts, and endless statistics leaves his peers with no reliable inference to an actionable cause? Could it be that activism, apart from highlighting the gravity of the disease, is, by definition, unable to find a cure? Could it be all of the above?

And why is Al not focused on convincing his peers in government, and instead focuses on the public? Has he given up on persuading the powers that be?

Eye Off The Prize

We cannot persuade policy-makers to do better when better is the mere exploration of another manmade rabbit hole. Al should have learned what Nobel Prize winner Feynman tried to convey: 

Just because you understand the material does not mean you understand the interaction between the materials. — Richard Feynman

The real problem with climate change is not that our climate is changing, and has and will always be changing, but that humanity has demonstrated little adaptability to meet such change. We have been too focused on making money, a manmade construct irrelevant to the evolution of our planet or the regenerative strengthening of humanity. We are stuck in a nervous rat-race of economic sustainability, and economic growth demonstrated to be evolutionary cancer instead.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell. — Edward Abbey

Humanity Needs Help

The real urgent nut to crack is for humanity to change. We must begin to take ourselves on. We must change the operating-systems of humanity and redirect the incentives of those systems to improve human adaptability to nature. So, the change we can depend on yields regenerative human adaptability. The kind of human change that soils our climate less and improves human adaptability to nature’s continual entropy. 

The theory (of the system of human gameplay) determines what can be discovered. — Albert Einstein. 

We must align the human operating system with the meritocracy nature has, without our approval, already bestowed upon us. We must unshackle ourselves from the authoritarian and manmade false-positives of sustainability and instead subjugate and align ourselves with the rules of nature’s causal renewal. The ones we began to discover one-hundred years ago.

Intelligence Pro Bono

The most intelligent major species on earth, humanity, is currently on a trajectory to live the shortest of all major species. Let that sink in for a moment, and wonder why.

Our planet will exist for another 3.5 billion years, and it will recover from our presence in about 10,000 years as if we were never there. How long humanity gets to enjoy our planet depends on our best comprehension of the rules of evolution and playing nice in adherence to those rules.

For our own sake, we must reduce the negative impact of humanity on our planet and be ready to adapt with a strategy correlated to the principles of renewal, rather than the voodoo of sustainability people like Al Gore keep preaching. He and the U.N. fan club are dead wrong in pretending to know the evolutionary cause leading to the undesirable environmental consequences we face today. Moreover, they are stuck in grave depravity of reason confounding consequence and cause. 

Nothing does more damage to humanity than the hordes of pretenders, ignoring the most fundamental discoveries of nature, and instead producing infinitely expanding tautologies of make-believe to put the evolution of humanity into another expedited tailspin of manmade regression.


With the recognition, comprehension, and appreciation of our highest normalization of evolutionary truth, we can instantly and dramatically improve the game humanity has been thrust into, and as best as humanly possible adapt to the continual change nature throws our way.

Our environment will continue to change. We do not know precisely how. Nor do we need to. As long as humanity evolves by playing the same evolutionary game nature plays, and we use our most Nobel discoveries to adapt as best as humanly possible.

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