Dear U.N., Sustainability Is Evolutionary Bullshit. My Ode to Real Scientists

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

Now that the United Nations gatherings in New York City on climate change and sustainability are wrapping up and Greta Thunberg has had another day in the bright lights of populism, it is time to come back to earth and get real.

In this missive, I pay homage to the real scientists who made significant contributions to establish new normalizations of nature’s evolutionary truths. We can improve human adaptability to nature. 

What could possibly go wrong?

This week, undoubtedly induced by those U.N. events and publicity, I received quite a few requests about my stance. However, I have previously covered climate change and sustainability in a fair amount of detail on my blog. 

Many people are hopelessly married to the money-grubbing stampede of yet another manmade thesis failing to align with the rules nature has already bestowed upon humanity, and we are intent on ignoring.

Everyone names everything wrong. — Richard Feynman

Fascinating and laughable is how financiers with no understanding of cosmology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, or other studies designed to improve our understanding of nature, are precisely the ones designing and deciding on the arbitrage of human excellence. 

What can possibly go wrong?

Selling Evolutionary Snake-Oil

Selling manmade hallucinations is big business. Humanity has done it for thousands of years.

The Mayans threw their infants into deep wells as a sacrifice to the weather-gods in the hopes of rain. Today, even in our modern and so-called free society, we circumcise our young men, without their consent, to dull the sexual experience as commanded by other manmade myths. A wide gamut of atrocities lives in-between. As the most intelligent animal on our planet, we humans are known to sell ourselves some fantastic foolery based on the number of cognitive neurons in our brain.

The easiest person to fool is yourself. — Richard Feynman

This time, humanity has created yet another religion – called sustainability – to feed the solipsism by which humanity acts as the self-anointed God of the world. Right in time to replace the blatant misgivings of over one hundred theologies proven so sorely wrong by the unending discoveries of nature’s truths.

The thesis of evolution does not require a supernatural creator, or one-hundred of them, in a war of xenophobia battling for supremacy. The burden of proof of extraordinary claims dies with the religions failing to provide extraordinary proof. 

The miracle is there are no miracles. — Albert Einstein

The inquiries I get demonstrate the cracks of the malformed suppositions of human idiocracy are showing, manmade religions are losing ground, and the wheat of nature’s realism is being separated from the overwhelming supply of chaff continuing to drown many. Natural selection is taking its course.

The Dead Horse

Sustainability, described in the dictionary as maintaining a certain level, is an evolutionary oxymoron and does not exist anywhere in our universe. Put differently – by Greta – as the false promise of endless growth sold to the next generation. Or what a renowned American environmentalist referred to as:

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell — Edward Abbey

Nothing in nature evolves infinitely and linearly, up or down, as portrayed by the promise of sustainability. Sustainability as a flat-world theory of absolutism, even when such monism is cunningly turned into a plurality when the gating thesis loses steam, is incompatible with the relativity by which everything in nature evolves.

You cannot manage a world of relativity with a model of absolutism, not even when those absolutisms are adjustable. For a plurality of manmade absolutism does not magically inherit the principles of nature’s relativity. Watch how I explain the difference.

One hundred years after Einstein discovered everything in nature is a relativity theory, all of the manmade systems remain hopelessly stuck in a dead-end street of absolutism.

Hence, all of today’s self-aggrandizing finance strategies hinging on the lynchpin of sustainability, such as Impact investing, Environment Social Governance, Principles For Responsible Investing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the like, are from the outset incompatible with nature’s evolution. Let alone the underlying constructs and assumptions – detail provided here – being equally incompatible with the principles of nature. They are manmade foolery.

The mere existence of a myriad of finance programs, each trying to solidify and promote a proprietary index of self, must lead us to conclude none of them tailor to the single over-arching thesis that drives nature’s evolution. They are as plentiful as the many theologies we conjured up. Their relevance is deflated by the reality our universe, undisturbed by our manmade manacles, is functioning quite well without. 

Nature’s Reality

When we pay attention to nature, we must realize our planet circles our sun, one of another 100 billion in our galaxy, with an estimated 400 billion galaxies. These objects the fallout from the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago, causing the irreversible entropy we refer to as our universe.

The availability of energy is always decreasing. — Richard Feynman

Hence, to suggest the fallout of such an explosion yields a stasis of predictable stability or even endless growth is naive and evolutionary uniformed, and dare I say, ignorant. In fact, on our planet alone, the sheer increase in the number of people vying for a diminishing supply of resources will make the challenge of our survival even less of a sustainable stasis.

Sustainability, by all accounts, is an evolutionary false-positive, misguiding the direction and development of human adaptability into sustainable suicide.

Good The Enemy Of Best

Many argue any attention to the environment is a good one, and on the surface, that sounds good. But any dollar spent on the pretense of sustainability of our environment that should be spent on the strength of human renewal is a double whammy of evolutionary regress.

The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. — Albert Einstein

Sustainability is like a placebo given to a cancer patient. Taking the empty pill may make the patient feel better, but it fails to cure the deadly disease. The U.N. fanboys and girls are currently en-masse swallowing the placebos of evolutionary cancer.

The improvement to human adaptability must instead come from new and higher normalizations of nature’s truth, not from manmade theories we manage to sell to ourselves. Hence the placebos of “good” are indeed the dangerous enemies of best.

The Coin Toss

The belief in or against climate change should not be a coin toss. The process we induce to improve humanity’s adaptability to prolong our life on earth must deal with whatever the state of causal change to our environment. 

The fact of the matter is, we do not know with certainty what causes climate change as the unrepresented part of the coin-toss. Too many factors are involved that prevent us from inferring a plausible cause from the plethora of dire consequences we can detect today.

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. — Richard Feynman

The same law of entropy by which our planet was formed dictates we cannot ascertain what caused such events to happen beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Many interdependent factors right here on earth muddy the waters of complexity even more. The earth wobbles around the sun in uneven patterns, and the sun periodically flares up. The sun’s mass diminishes, lowering gravity and making the earth very(!) slowly drift in bigger circles away from the sun. The point is, nothing on or around the earth is a state of stasis.

We shall not ignore 90% of living species on earth have already disappeared, most of those extinctions unrelated to climate change — another reason why the supposition of sustainability, and even human sustainability, is evolutionary uninformed and ignorant. Never mind, we do not even know all the living species on our planet, especially those living in the oceans.

Pretending to know what caused climate change is as foolish as denying change is indeed occurring and will continue to occur in the ever-changing state of our planet regardless of our presence. The proper response of humanity should be to use our intelligence to preempt change that requires us to adapt, regardless of the cause of change. 

The absolutism of knowledge cannot be the deterrent of human development. Without having agreement on what light actually is, we can develop cameras that capture it. Likewise, without consensus on what causes climate change, we can develop methods to minimize its impact. 

Clean House

The best way to look at our fiduciary responsibility to the next generation is to treat our planet like the house you live in. 

When we pile up our house with the trash from what we consume, we at some point in time get enveloped in the smell, mess, and lack of space, eventually affecting our health, sanity, and well-being. That also affects how our children live their lives and maintain their health and sanity. So, you learn to clean up the trash consistently to prevent it from affecting your state of mind and tell your children to clean up the mess they made. You may even go as far as to avoid consuming things that produce excessive waste, especially when the effort to remove the trash overarches the value of consumption.

Our planet is our collective house. A house that requires constant cleaning from what and how we consume, thereby preventing waste from accumulating and affecting the state of all human beings living in that house. The solution is not to flee to another house because the same mess accumulated in the first will gather in the next. We instead need to adjust the thesis, defined in the operating system for humanity, by which we consistently clean our house.

On Greta

I got asked a lot about Greta Thunberg, the young girl who thrust herself on the world stage on climate change.

Genius is genetically determined, you inherit it from your children. — Richard Feynman

While I like how her innocence shines the spotlight on the inaction by lame-duck policy-makers, the effect it has on society is for those policy-makers to induce more downstream band-aids to problems that, in actuality, require upstream correction. 

The quantity of attention on the consequence of inaction deflates the quality and normalization of the cause of action.

Kind of like visiting the doctor’s office with open wounds and a nurse covering them up with bandaids, telling you to go home and rest. While all one should think about is what caused the open wounds to begin with. And a doctor should have seen you. Greta’s speech made more wannabe nurses show up, not better doctors.

Indeed, Greta is – unbeknownst – barking up the wrong tree. It is not very useful to blame the players for the many infractions to a game of soccer when the rules of soccer have not been explained to the players beforehand. One should not be surprised if rugby is the more likely outcome of ill-defined gameplay.

Policy-makers, en-masse, have no idea what evolutionary game they are playing and toying with. I should know because I have invited to debate many, they are scared, frequently stating the discussion to rise above their pay grade. There is no institution – but mine – that explains in detail how the gameplay of humanity must subjugate to the game of nature.

The accelerated stampede towards and pageantry of positivity surrounding the false evolutionary promise of sustainability is precisely the systemic downside of activism I have described previously.

Leadership Education

Void of a new operating system of humanity guiding human goals and behavior strengthening human adaptability to nature, the increased exposure to the generally uninformed public is as damaging as deploying the internet without defining the precedent of expected gameplay.

Void of preeminent ground rules, technology companies are currently wreaking havoc and violating our constitutional precepts we fought wars over to secure. Some tenets are arguably in desperate need of changing, but not with new, more evolutionary ignorant, and more oligarchically controlled regulations deployed by a vile-maxim of land-grabbing technocrats. 

My interest in science was always essentially limited to the study of principles. — Albert Einstein

The need to respond to climate change must be prefaced by equally evolutionary responsible guidelines, not with the snake oil of sustainability sold to the greater-fools of cheap karma incompatible with evolution, but with principles – for the first time – aligned with the laws of nature.

Our governments must be held responsible for humanity’s regenerative, evolutionary excellence that improves human adaptability to nature.

And thus we must educate them well. We must tell our government about the principles of nature’s evolution, so it can begin to re-organize all of its societal constructs to serve the quality of human adaptability. With wealth only attributed to those who manage to expand the fractal of human ingenuity to serve the regenerative quality of human adaptability.

Real Change

The change we have no choice but to believe in can only come from paying close attention and adapting to nature, in the way Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman summarized his role as a scientist.

The job of a scientist is to listen to nature, not to tell nature how to behave. — Richard Feynman

By paying close attention to a solar eclipse, Albert Einstein discovered the theory of general relativity that has since been demonstrated to apply to everything in nature. So, the most imminent change humanity must implement to redefine and expand the human theory by which we manage ourselves, the Einstein way:

The theory determines what can be discovered. — Albert Einstein

Learning from these geniuses, we must define the theory to improve human adaptability by implementing our best understanding of nature’s principles. Nature determines the longevity of our species.

We do not adjust well and instead are late to climate change because the relativity of our universe has been improperly projected and preempted by humanity’s stale and ignorant models of absolutism. The same absolutism makes sustainability incompatible with the relativity of renewal upon which everything in nature is based.

No longer can the round-world of nature’s reality be held hostage by flat-world systems of human control. 

The gaping opportunity for humanity is to expand the theory that determines can be discovered by implementing a relativity theory of humanity that adapts following the principles of nature. Only then do we ensure the dynamic change to our environment is continually met with a commensurate response to human adaptability to prolong the survival of the human species.

Change Everything By Changing Nothing

But how can you change everyone on the planet to adhere to these new principles is the question I get asked frequently? The answer is simple; by changing the financial incentives. 

When the merit of money is attached only to the evolutionary strengthening of humanity, suddenly every person today chasing the mighty dollar will redirect their attention to what yields the most tomorrow. I deployed an old trick working for software companies wanting to sell more of one product than the other. We changed the incentive, and salespeople will quickly and effortlessly change along with it, even without understanding or sometimes without even caring why the incentives had changed.

It is not essential for everyone to understand why humanity must change, for what humanity wants is not what humanity needs. As long as the people in charge of the regenerative excellence of humanity, in tune with a higher normalization of evolutionary truth, know why they must change the thesis that determines what can be discovered.

The human species’ longevity depends on the expanding fractal of human ingenuity, capable of discovering new and higher normalizations of nature’s truth to which humanity can adapt for as long as humanly possible. The best way for humanity to change is to change nothing of nature.

The way to address climate change is not with a placebo of sustainability but to implement the need for human change, with a new operating system for humanity we have built, for the first time in sync with nature’s operating principles.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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