A New Truth, Role, And Goal For Humanity

The survival of any species, including the human primate, is dependent on the ability to continually adapt to nature’s evolving equilibrium, commonly referred to as the environment. The better humans comprehend and adapt to nature’s evolution, readjusting to the dynamic composition of said environment, the better our chances of survival.

The Urgent Need For Change

Thankfully, humanity is equipped with one-hundred billion cognitive neurons in our cerebral cortex, more than any other species. We can use that innate ingenuity to prepare and preempt changes imposed by nature, thereby dramatically improving human adaptability.

Human collaboration is organized in proverbial systems, a set of best-practices in silos of policy, capital, and innovation promising to yield predictable outcomes with models applicable and enforced even outside our direct physical presence. Yet, close observation of the workings of our systems reveals they are not systems at all, and its principles have failed to evolve with our improving understanding of nature.

New Normalization Of Truth

Innovation, crucial in improving adaptability to nature, relies on the discovery of a new and unprecedented normalization of truth, sending the foregone conclusions and norms of the past conjured up by humanity to the dustbin of history.

One-hundred years ago, Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking observation of a natural phenomenon during a solar eclipse demonstrated how light bends around the sun, ultimately spawning the theory of general relativity guiding everything in nature, from atoms to the cosmos.

And as Einstein’s theory of relativity has been applied to yield a better understanding of (almost) everything in nature, our manmade systems have remained immune to the discovery of relativity that bounds humanity. A big and costly mistake.

“The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” — Albert Einstein

In fact, the theory that determines what humanity can discover, in the words of Einstein, remains constrained by stale manmade systems of absolutisms frozen in time, the opposite of the dynamic relativity that continually expands the fractal of human ingenuity.

We must begin to apply nature’s theory of relativity to a new operating-systems of humanity to maximize human adaptability and prolong the life and improve the excellence of the human species.

New Role

The belief that we, humans, are the center of our universe in control of our planet is as old, uninformed, and invalid as the belief our sun rotates around the earth. Such belief represents a stubborn and remarkably omnipresent solipsism that prevents us from facing reality. It also prevents us from fine-tuning everything we do to improve human adaptability to nature’s evolution.

In fact, our universe consists of four-hundred billion galaxies each with an estimated one-hundred billion stars, each with a few planets like ours circling them, all derived from the same principles of nature causing the Big Bang, the start of our universe, 13.72 billion years ago.

Planet Earth is a mere grain of sand on the vast beach of our universe, with our well-being and the state of our planet irrelevant to the state and continuity of our universe. Just as insignificant as a single grain of sand blowing away on a beach would be.

All the more reason why we must seek to comprehend and subjugate to the laws of nature to improve the regenerative excellence of humanity as long as that grain of sand we live on is still on the proverbial beach.

New Goal

With the realization of our newfound subservience to nature in mind, we must now establish new goals of humanity. Goals that shift our role from acting as the mother of our planet to becoming a responsible citizen on our planet, along with other creatures and resources that make such existence possible.

We must learn to cohabitate and prioritize a healthy equilibrium, not for our planet’s sake, as it will recover in 10,000 years after we are gone, but for humanity’s sake.

Our systems of policycapital, and innovation must all be purpose-built to improve the strength of human renewal. The goals of the operating-systems of humanity must be adjusted from our egotistic and solipsistic desire to die the richest person in the cemetery towards improving humanity’s regenerative adaptability to nature. The decision for prolonged life or impending death of the human species is in our hands.

If we care enough about our children and the future of humanity we must change the monetary incentives of our capitalistic society from a theme-park of unending consumerism towards the enrichment of our regenerative evolutionary wherewithal. In a way that assigns extraordinary wealth only to people capable of discovering new ways to strengthen human renewal by improving human adaptability to nature.

Life, if properly normalized, is beautiful and remarkably simple, and we can make it so.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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