We Need A Social Contract

When you realize how many seemingly uncorrelated things go wrong in our society, in the United States and worldwide, we can either attempt to fix every occurrence individually, as activists have the bravery to do, or we adjust the theory of what humanity can discover, in the words of Albert Einstein, to improve the renewable excellence of a civilization paying repeatable dividends to its offspring.

Change Is A Must

Such a decision is no different than the decisions made in the evolution of a sport, where after a few too many instances of players in soccer camping out near the goal of the opposing side, the off-site rule was made part of the new theory of soccer that determines how the behavior of players in soccer must change. You do not keep blowing the whistle on campers; you change the rules to prevent camping.

Similarly, the observations that we in the United States wreck nature and poison ourselves for the sake of wealth optimization, kill ourselves unnecessarily with frivolous access to guns, have 15.8% extreme poverty with more than the entire population of Venezuela, Peru, or Malaysia – 36 million people – on food stamps, and 25% of our children in public schools on food support, must make any sane individual wonder why we do not adjust the theory of the civilization we sell to the world as excellence.

The rest of the world is in awe of how we create multi-billion dollar valuations for companies with little to no meaningful improvement to our evolutionary renewal, save a few. Despite all our advances, our population’s health is weakening, with 70% chronically dependent on prescription drugs and the average age of Americans in decline over the last three years. Go figure.

Cause Over Consequence

We make fools of ourselves by addressing every issue individually, rather than paying attention to how the compounding effect of the interoperability of our many fallacies causes an anthropogenic cascade from which recovery becomes harder as time passes. We must change the American theory that improves the gameplay of our excellence. And we can no longer rely on immigrants’ inflow to provide us with a steady stream of gutsy outliers from suppressed nations. Because there will be fewer suppressed nations over-time to which many outliers, after a glitzy education at our universities, are already returning. We must build better systems to cultivate our home-grown regenerative excellence.

In my efforts to define and promulgate the need for a new operating system for humanity, I realize the United States does not have a government institution that defines, manages, and controls the social contract that stipulates our collective obligations. Instead, we rely on the wild interpretations of a 250-year-old constitution lavishly dishing out rights of freedom without the necessary paradoxical obligations to secure the trust in collective freedom. And saliently, without defining what constitutes freedom at all. The Supreme Court left with the “enviable job” to decide on the infractions of age-old intentions and precedents established by other judges.

Solipsism Kills

That the rest of the world and our next generation increasingly look at the example we set as utter buffoonery does not surprise me. In fact, it gives me hope. It tells me there are still people who understand that self-interest cannot be secured unless the interest of others is taken into account too. As the saying goes, no one is free unless everyone is free. And poverty, alive and “well” in the United States is the ultimate testament of our un-freedom. 

The fall of the incredibly powerful (and brutal) Mayan empire was caused by their Kings caring more about themselves than their people. The disenfranchised Mayans eventually leaving the Calakmul area of Mexico and their Kings with nothing to reign. Not too different from how some seventy percent of Americans currently relinquish their right to vote, with a President having garnered not much more than 16% of the American population’s approval. 

The smart people in America have already left the political arena, like the Mayans did, with the “inmates” left running the asylum. 

Conspire To Inspire

Chinese emperor Chen (51 BC – 17 April 7 BC), of the Han Dynasty, realized early a social contract was needed to set a common goal. A concept borrowed by Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew (LKY), who famously used his benevolent dictatorship to lay down the ground rules for a prosperous Singapore. LKY realized a democracy geared to tailor to the sum of current-day wants would not produce the renewable expectations of future needs. 

LKY established and enforced the game rules for Singapore, elevating it from a dilapidated harbor town, left to its own devices by the British empire, to GDP levels rivaling the United States with zero debt. China has borrowed LKY’s principles to build and transform itself into, soon, perhaps the most powerful civilization in the world. 

Yes, We Can Be Responsible

The United States needs to get its house in order, to again serve as a source of inspiration for the world by establishing a new theory of excellence it wants its people to execute on. An impossible feat if we do not find a way to change the name of our game. Thankfully our constitution is so full of holes; we can leave it mostly for what it is; a pay-to-play model of governance feigning a democracy. This time we shall fill the holes in our constitution with societal improvement – a novel concept.

We need a social contract that is not built by the sum of opinions of all American people but is built by the sum of our evolutionary needs. Needs that are not defined by humans, we are not served well by the extrapolation of a Kardashian society, but defined by evolutionary requirements, as fulfilled by human capabilities, allowing us to maintain a healthy equilibrium with nature we depend on for survival.

Evolution Is Social

The only social contract worthy of pursuit is an evolutionary contract, one that continually adapts and regenerates human ingenuity capable of balancing the knife-edge of an expanding universe with depleting resources. 

Such a social contract must be established, maintained, and modulated by our government since it is the only institution we have to protect the long of human excellence. It must be established based on the fundamental principles of nature, maintained by the continual refinement of truth as derived from nature (listen to certain scientists), and modulated to yield the expected gameplay that contributes to the strengthening of human renewal.

No different from how a governing-body in sports establishes, maintains, and modulates the rules of gameplay. And after the rules of gameplay are established, we set the players free to deploy their merit and expand the fractal of their unique capabilities to expand the game in whatever direction perfects gameplay.

Have A Plan

We have no social contract in the United States that holds any water. With most of our people feverishly chasing wealth as aloof about the need to breed collective socio-economic value as people joining a company just for the sake of securing over-priced health insurance. Neither can be blamed for incompliance with unstated goals. A nation without a social contract is as bad as a company without a business plan.

As luck may have it, I have built such a contract in the form of a new operating system for humanity. The luck courtesy of the gracious hospitality offered by a country indulging the many outliers upon discovering nature my contract is based.

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