I Declare War On Sustainability

The little loggerhead turtle in this picture, photographed this summer on Hilton Head Island, SC, is part of a species already living 40 million years in the microcosm we call planet Earth. Contrast that with us humans, having lived less than 250,000 years and figuring out who can learn from who is the seminal lesson I attempt to convey here.

Nature Is Truth

I love nature and spend almost every day on the beach in the very early mornings, watching the brightest of 100 billion stars in our galaxy, witnessing the occasional International Space Station or Hubble Telescope fly over, watching loggerhead turtle hatchlings crawl out of their nests, and scurry to the water, me running, swimming, and watching the sunrise, all before 7 am. I am an award-winning photographer in my spare time, not, in my view, because of my technical skills but because I pay attention to nature.

In my view, photography is not a technical skill but the art of seeing. I see and isolate objects worthy of note in the same way I see and isolate subjects in life worthy of note. Equally important, I know what and who to ignore. Ignorance is bliss in matters that hurt the pursuit of excellence. And trust me; there is plenty of noise in life to forget.

I have always loved nature, and I pay more attention to nature’s lessons than to the supposed human experts deploying their selfish agenda to try to impress, benefit from, and suppress others. Nature is our only never-ending source of truth. The very reason why our manmade systems fail is that they do not align with nature’s rule that determines the longevity of the human species.

We, humans, are not the center of the universe. We should be far less solipsistic, not make stuff up when we do not know, and instead submit to the rules of nature we recognize, thereby maximizing how to benefit from nature. Life becomes easier when you stop lying about what you know and start admitting what you do not. 


I want to preserve the natural environment as much as possible, not with activism, which is not my cup of tea. Still, with a higher-order recognition of the mere sneeze, we are in our planet’s 3.5 billion-year remaining evolution within our 13.72 billion-year-old universe. To preserve nature means we must perfect our evolutionary adaptation to nature, leave no lasting footprint, and benefit from nature. Indeed, we must submit to nature to benefit from its absolute dictatorial rule, as all other species do.

My curiosity turned expertise, aligned with the nature of my personality, is that I must push forward to develop and deploy a new human theory that determines what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein. I began fronting a new operating system for humanity, submitting to the rule of nature by merely borrowing a page from Einstein’s playbook, the theory of general relativity he also gleaned from observing nature. 

Over the last eight years or so, I have done much more than pay homage to Einstein’s theory of relativity humans, after 100 years since the discovery, have yet to implement at the core of the human operating systems. I paid attention to observations and findings by scientists such as Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins, and too many others to mention to preface and test my views of nature’s principles against theirs.

I used my experience and observations in large companies in Europe and the USA and building startups in Silicon Valley to understand the practicality of real-world implementations of systematic change. I have discovered better proxies of nature’s regenerative principles that must be implemented for any operating system of humanity to become more compatible with nature.

False Depositions

So, nothing irritates me more than to see how evolutionary ignoramuses, some powerful and a host of opportunistic riders in the slipstream of the pageantry of false positivity, are now proposing “groundbreaking” strategies based on the notion of sustainability. Instead, they will deteriorate the ground we walk on. Sustainability, finding little controversy in being labeled greenwashing, is a high-level concept correlated to a normalization nonexistent anywhere in the observable universe.

Pretending those new strategies will magically save our planet (while producing infinite investment returns) is like giving homeless people money, expecting that gift to resolve the cause of poverty. However, mere irritation with this kind of depravity of reason, from confounding of cause and consequence, would not make me declare war on the priests of falsehoods. 

The biggest problem with selling evolutionary lies of sustainability is that they send the next generation down another rabbit hole of manmade hallucinations from which they may not be able to discover. Many leaders in large financial institutions have more power over the expanding fractal of human ingenuity than our democratically elected legislators. Manmade religions are staunchly protected by the hopeless and solipsistic who believe in anything to get a paycheck.

For one, people in finance are not held to any evolutionary obligations, and they can deploy tons of money to sell sugar water to the world that, instead of strengthening, damages humanity (yes, I am talking about you, Warren Buffett), and still bask in the world’s respect and applause. Investment allocations to pursuits that do not strengthen but damage the evolutionary excellence of humanity.

No Leadership

We currently have no strong government leadership or organization responsible for determining humanity’s “business plan” to establish a dynamic equilibrium with nature. We should all know by now a business will not do well without a business plan, and society is not doing well without a plan that correlates the excellence of humankind with the goodness of nature.

We can all witness how the sum of human wants does not meet human needs. A Kardashian lifestyle is not what promotes the regenerative excellence of humanity. And guess who pays the bill for the consolidation of wants and needs not working out? Indeed, humanity – not nature – will pay the price. Our planet will recalibrate in about one thousand years after we are gone, a minor bump in the road of our planetary existence. Goodbye Felicia is how nature will wave us an unemotional goodbye.

The human species has not implemented the excellence of an evolutionary thesis embedded in a system that determines what humanity can discover to optimize the longevity of our species. Instead, we have left the development of the human race up to the über-mensch of wealth creation, engaging in mind-numbing vile maxims deploying oligarchic control that kicks the can of human adaptability to nature further down the road. 

Nature Rules

Deploying the wrong systems for humanity, incompatible with the rule of nature, is worse than deploying no system for society. Human intelligence is all too easily used to fool ourselves, as witnessed by the statistical accuracy of how the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex appears inversely correlated to the longevity of a species’ life on earth.

If we do not get our act together and redirect human intelligence to advance humanity, the most intelligent species on earth will live the shortest. We owe it to our offspring to leave a better world behind, the best world we possibly can. Something I, for one, cannot take lying down.

Nothing in our universe exists forever, and everything in nature revolves around renewal until diminishing adaptability leads to extinction. Our adaptability to nature is paramount in establishing a better, longer-lasting future for humanity.

My new operating system for humanity to improve human excellence is not mine; it is “merely” the best available rendition of nature’s operating system. The expansion of human ingenuity will lead to a fundamentally improved adaptability to nature, leading to the repeatability of alpha nature values. 

War On Idiocracy

We can no longer afford to have flat-world manmade make-believe embedded in our current constructs that hold the round-world expansion of humanity hostage. To preach sustainability is to deny the discoveries of scientists over the last hundred years, to be against a healthy equilibrium with nature, and to be against the evolutionary adaptability that prolongs the human species.

For the sake of our species, I declare war on people who preach the evolutionary nonsense of sustainability, and if you cherish your children, I trust you will too. We must rid the world of an unchallenged human idiocracy that prevents us from recognizing the evolving truth deployed by nature, which we should and deserve to benefit from for generations to come handsomely.

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